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June 25, 2017

Problems of Police in Pakistan

What are the Basic Problem/Issues of Police in Pakistan

Police is very important institution in any civilized country of the world because it performs the most important duty of marinating law and order in society. More efficient police means more stable and secure society hence Police plays a role of backbone in any state or society.

Police in Pakistan or in Punjab is among the most corrupt institutions in country. There are number of problems attached with the Police which are described in the following lines;


The most important and major issue with Police in Pakistan is the rampant corruption. There is no limit of it and from top to bottom it becomes the culture of institution. Unfortunately first thing which comes to mind about Police is Corruption. According to some surveys Police is the most corrupt institution in Pakistan.

2-Lack of Training

Another major issue related with Police is lack of training. Especially in the field of investigation the situation is worse. Outdated and centuries old techniques are used in the investigation and normally Investigation officers are ignorant about modern aspects of investigation.

3-No Incentives

Salaries and other facilities of police officials are also not up to the mark. Due to low salaries and no facilities they use corrupt means and also justify their corrupt practices.

4-Lack of professionalism

Police officials are not professionals and they still work like old colonial Police of British Raj. They don’t know about their duties and have very low working capacity.

5-Political Influences

One of the major reasons of failure of Pakistan Police is unrestricted Political influence on them. Every politician wants to use the Police to facilitate its followers. There is practice of using huge some of money to appoint SHO of their own choice in their areas.

6-Outdated Statutes

Police is still governed by very old British laws and which are centuries old and product of Colonial mind set. All modern countries of the world adopted latest ideas about policing but here in Pakistan we are still using ancient practices.

7-No Reforms

Pakistani Government fails to reform the Police System. It is not only destroying the institution but also eroding the confidence of people on Police.


Police force is short of man power which makes it very difficult for Police to work smoothly. One Investigating Officer is holding as many as 100 investigations at a time apart from other duties of patrolling, raiding and VIP security.

9-Lack of Resources

Police is also short of resources and required infrastructure. There is acute shortage of modern weapons, vehicles, building and necessary funds.

10-Old Traditions in Police

Police in Pakistan is working on old traditions based on those principles which The British defined during their oppressive role on sub-continent. The concept of modern policing has changed all over the world but we fail to introduce these concepts in our Police.


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