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June 24, 2017

Constitution of Pakistan 1973 PDF Free Download

Constitution of Pakistan 1973

Pakistan is situated in South Asia and due to its atomic programme it is one of the most important third world countries. There is Parliamentary form of government in Pakistan and the country is governed by its 1973 Constitution. The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan came into force on 12 April 1973.

Previously Pakistan had two constitutions i.e. 1953 and 1962 but both failed in short passage of time. Constitution of 1952 was abrogated by General Ayub and he made a new Constitution of 1962 which is according to his own needs. After he was out of power, all political parties under the guidance and leadership of PPP’s Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto approved the Constitution of 1973. Bhutto has the credit to provide the country with constitution which is accepted by all political parties.

Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan has total 7 schedules which contain very important details about courts, governments and other organs of states. You can download the updated copy of Constitution of Pakistan by clicking on the link below which contain all schedules of Constitution. In this up to date copy you can also find out latest amendments in the constitution along with other details. In this up to date copy you can also find out the complete wording of oath for different constitutional posts like Prime Minister, President, Member of Assembly etc.

Constitution of Pakistan 1973 – Complete PDF Format

Simply click on the link given below to download free copy of Constitution in PDF format which is up to date.


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