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July 23, 2017

Writs in Pakistan – Kinds of Writs in High Courts


The term “Writ” has its origin from Common Law. Basically it means formal written orders issued by Superior Courts to subordinate courts or Government Officials. The purpose of write is to preserve and protects the fundamental rights of an individual.

In Pakistan Article 199 of the Constitution is about write in High Court. When there is no other remedy available to person he can file write petition under article 199 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

Types of Writ

There are many types of writes but in Pakistan followings are commonly used.

1-Writ of Habeas Corpus

The Latin Term Habeas Corpus means “to produce the body”. This write is issued to institution or prison to release the prisoner or bring it before the court.

2-Writ of Mandamus

This writ is issued for lower courts or government official in case where courts or officials are not following the laws. Simply it means an order to do an act which a person is bound by law to do.

3-Writ of Certiorari

This write is issued when a lower court made a decision which is incorrect or inappropriate in eyes of higher court. In this write higher courts are allowed to call for record and revise the decision of lower courts or officials.

4-Writ of Quo Warranto

It simply means “under what authority you are holding this office”. This write is issued when a person claims any power without legal authority behind it or when official done any act without backing of law.

5-Write of Prohibition

In circumstances where the case is outside the jurisdiction of lower courts, the higher courts can issue the Write of Prohibition to stop the lower court’s proceedings.


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    These are really useful and rear information in the field and practice of laws.

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    Useful and authentic I seeks a lot of things relate to law.

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  6. How to file a writ of Mandamus in Lahore High Court? Can a person other than lawyer file it? What are relevant rules or orders or laws or forms/ formats (only relevant to filing a writ)? How much time can it take to file a writ?

  7. Ghulam Rasool says:

    How to restore my seniority claim in my department.. I was awarded major punishment of dismissal from service by sp over minor and clerical mistake made in roznamcha. Even I have appealed to higher authorities concerned but all in vain.

    • @Ghulam Rasool
      if you are govt. servant you can file appeal in Service Tribunal and after that you can go to the High Court

  8. Salam can family case transfer Lahore to ajk?

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  10. i may add hear my humble submission that , Prohibition is also where as a lower court in her jurisdiction proceeding with the case in excess or in her own interest prejudicing the law , in these circumstances, the Apex court will order to inferior court not to proceed further with the case..

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