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July 27, 2017

The Punjab Food Authority Ordinance 2015 – Free PDF & Review

The Punjab Food Authority Ordinance 2015

This Ordinance amended the Punjab Food Authority Act 2011 for the purpose of categorization of food business premises, enhancing punishments and for other matter related with food stuffs. This amended Food Authority Ordnance provides many powers to Food Authority Department. The punishments under this Ordinance are severe so that it creates a proper deterrence.

It provides punishments for selling adulterated food, unsafe food and unhygienic conditions of place of cooking. This Ordinance establishes special courts (section 40) for the trial of offences under this ordinance. The offences are cognizable and Food Authority can lodge FIR in police station or direct complaint to the court. Offences under section 22A (offences by large scale manufacturers) and section 24 clauses (b)(where unsafe food results in injury to person) and (c)(where unsafe food results death of person) of this act shall be non-bailable.

Click on the link below to download the complete PDF copy of The Punjab Food Authority (Amendment) Ordinance 2015.

The Punjab Food Authority (Amendment) Ordinance 2015


  1. Nisar Nayani says:

    I want to see updated
    Punjab Food Authority
    Rules & Regulations.

    If possible from 2011 till update, 2017
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