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July 23, 2017

Suzuki Wagon R 2017 Review, Pictures & Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Wagon R 2017

Paki Suzuki is known for its low-end economy cars and in local Pakistani Market the company has monopoly in this segment. There is no other competitor of Pak Suzuki when it comes to the low-priced hatchback cars. After the discontinuation of Suzuki Alto, company launched another car in that price range which became success story in short span of time and that car is Suzuki Wagon R. New Wagon R 2017 is economical hatchback car with many modern features. If you are looking for cheap locally manufactured car with some good features, Wagon R is for you. There is only one problem in Wagon R and that is its pathetic shape and unimpressive exterior.

Although its shape is not acceptable to many yet Wagon R became a hot cake in auto market and people are paying extra cash for its immediate delivery (On Payment Money). Important reasons for its major success are its low price, fuel economy & impressive features.

Suzuki Wagon R 2017 Engine & Performance

New Suzuki WagonR comes with stat-of-the-art K-Series Engine which is known for its impressive fuel economy. The engine is so much impressive that Pak Suzuki also launched its New Cultus 2017 with same engine. WagonR comes with 5-Speed manual transmission system. K-Series engine is an eco-friendly engine with low CO2 emission, high torque at low RPM and less noise. It also offers very low friction.

New Suzuki Wagon R 2017 Fuel Economy

Due to its impressive K-Series 1000cc engine and light weight, it gives impressive fuel economy i.e. 15 km/L in city and 20 km/L on highway.

Suzuki WagonR 2017 Interior

One of the main reasons of this car’s success is its impressive interior and driving features. First of all it has very efficient Air-Conditioning system which is perfect for very hot environment in Pakistan. WagonR comes with stylish power steering which makes it distinguished from other low-end cars as this feature is not present in Suzuki Mehran. With power-door locks, central locking system and keyless entry it provides style and comfort in economical price.

New WagonR is equipped with rear defroster and defogger. It has stylish tachometer which provides lot of details to the driver. This hatchback car comes with CD/DVD player and reasonable speakers.

Another impressive safety feature is Immobilizer (Anti-Theft security System), which means the ignition key is encoded for exclusive use with the immobilizer only and it is impossible to start vehicle without the original encoded key.

Suzuki WagonR 2017 Exterior

Although its exterior has many stylish components yet it is unattractive and unimpressive.  WagonR comes with 14 inches Rim Size, 165 tyre size and has steel rims with wheel caps. It also has fog lamps, window enhancement, side body enhancement and stylish front bumper. On the back side it has long backlights and rear enhancement.

Suzuki Wagon R Pros/Advantages

  • Low Price
  • Better Mileage
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Compact Design which is suitable for busy urban roads

Suzuki Wagon R Cons/Disadvantages

  • Unattractive Shape
  • Unimpressive exterior
  • Ordinary Performance on Highway at High Speed

Suzuki WagonR 2017 Colors

This hatchback car is available in following colors;

  • Pearl Red
  • Graphite Grey
  • Solid White
  • Pearl Black
  • Silky Silver
  • Sand Beige
  • Phoenix Red

My favorite color is sand beige as WagonR really looks cool in this color.

Suzuki WagonR Price in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki launched WagonR with three variants but now it comes in only two variants i.e. WagonR VXR and WagonR VXL.

  • Suzuki WagonR VXR price in Pakistan Rs.1054,000
  • Suzuki WagonR VXL Price in Pakistan Rs.1094,000

Suzuki WagonR 2017 Pictures & Wallpapers

In the following gallery you can download high quality pictures of this car.

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