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June 25, 2017

Succession Certificate in Pakistan -Succession Laws Pakistan

Succession Certificate in Pakistan

When a person dies, Succession Certificate is required in order to transfer property of deceased person to his legal heirs such as bank accounts, insurance amount, stocks, bonds, Shares etc. Law of Succession 1925 or Succession Act 1925 governs the all procedure related with succession certificate.

Application for succession certificate can be filed in the court in two ways.
First way it that legal heir can file application in the court with the consent of other legal heirs. During preceding all legal heirs record their statements in favor of that one legal heir that they do not have any objection to the issuance of succession certificate to that one legal heir. Court in this scenario decided the application in favor of one legal heir who after wards distributes the property among other hairs.

Second method to obtain succession certificate is that all legal heirs apply for succession certificate and court issue certificate to all of them according to their share.

Now a very important question arises that in which court this application should be filed. It should be filed in the civil court of the area where decreed person was residing. If deceased person’s permanent residence is not clear or he used to live at different places then the application should be filed in court where property of deceased situated.

After filing of application court issues orders to publish the case in newspapers that if there are any other claimant of property of deceased they come and contest the case. If no one appears before court after publication in newspapers then succession certificate is issued to the applicant. If someone appears before court as legal hair of deceased then court decides the matter after evidence.

A widow can obtain the succession certificate by filing application in competent court and if deceased left minor children then widow can file application as their natural guardian.

Succession laws in Pakistan and Succession Certificate in Pakistan are important but awareness about succession laws in Pakistan is not up to the mark.


  1. Omar Farooq says:

    Dear Mr Jibran!

    My father died in Saudia Arabia in 1997. After his death we could manage to transfer agriculture land in Chakwal and Rawalpindi and further dispose it off. We are 5 brothers and sisters and our mother as legal heirs. Now when we approach a local society in Lahore, Raiwand area for transfer of plot he demanded sucession certificate whereas as per my knowledge Sucession cert is required only for movable property and Legal heir cert is required for IMMOVABLE Property. We are in processs of obtaining legal heirship certificate from Islamabad courts.

    Please advise

    • Jibran Jamshed says:

      Dear Omar Farooq

      Succession certificate is required for movable property and if your father left some Movable property then the legal course for you is to go to Revenue officer (Patwari) and after his satisfaction he will transfer the property to the name of legal heirs of your father. If you are in the possession of that property than its all good but if you are not in possession of property then you have to file civil suit. As far as your plot is concerned you need heirship certificate for that purpose.

    • For moveable proprty u can apply for letter of adminstration

  2. rafaqat ali says:

    Dear Mr.Jibran
    my mother has died in rawalpindi where as she was residing with me permanently at hydrabad.my one of brother is settled their, she has some immoveable property at rawalpindi,beside some lones were due on him at hydrabad due to her permanent residence at hydrabad.value of lones etc are more than value of property which were paied by one of my brother.should i apply for succession certificate or any other process to distribute her propperty after payment of lones.it is mater of 10 years ago,what about the value of property and share of brother who paied lone,please advise

    • Dear Mr. Rafaqat
      Whenever Muslim male or female die, all his property movable or immovable transferred to his legal heirs but after the payment of loans of that person. In you case you are saying that loans of you mother are more in value than her property so in that case all property should be sold out and then loans should be paid to creditors.
      But if value of property is greater than outstanding loans than remaining property must be distributed among all the heirs of you mother. In that situation you should file suit in proper court if your brothers are not giving you your due share in property.
      With regards
      Malik Jibran Jamshed Awan Advocate High Court Multan

  3. Z. A. Ali says:

    My father had two families, both the family know existence of each other. One of his daughter lives in UK where my father had a business. He closed his business and transfered money to his personal account. Just before he could divide, he died with a heart attack. I am in touch with the bank and a lawyer in UK.
    I am in pursuit of succession certificate for a year now. My lawyer is just making lame excuses that we need this we need that, court is closed, judge is on leave; list goes on.
    Can you please tell me how can I obtain succession certificate? I am tired of lawyers, and I do not have enough money to pay lawyers.
    I live in Karachi, and concerned court is District East Court. I know you are based in Multan, but I am sure you can advice well.
    Thank you

    • MR. Ali your problem is not legal one because you already engaged lawyer and your case is in progress. if you have any problem with your lawyer change it.
      as far as the legal process is concerned for succession certificate you have to file a suit in the court. it may take long time due to slow process of Pakistan legal system but within 6 months it should be decided.

  4. AoA Jibran,

    My brother an army officer shaheed few months back how and who and where do I apply for this certificate so bank accounts can be issued to his wife .. Kashif

    • dear kashif
      you have to file suit in civil court of your area and after that legal heirs of your brother can get the money in bank account.
      the case is simple in nature and order can be obtained withing one or two months depends upon the skills of your lawyer
      hope you get the required information

    • U should apply for succession certificate in civil court which declare ur brother heirs and by this way they can take allownces

  5. Whether succession certificate is required to be obtained to settle claims like family assistnce pckhage,pension, benvevolent fund and group insurance GP Fund, leave encashment etc of a deceased government servant who died while in service

  6. Aoa,

    My father has been died during ex-pakistan leave. I am of the view that since pension, GP Fund and Benevloent fund are not tarka hence not divisible among leagal heirs and claiming them does not require succession certificate. Please if I m correct or otherwise

  7. what is the legal value of bank account nominations…is the amount and savings certificates transferred to the nominees? or they are divided according to succession certificate.

    • Dear sir
      What is the procedure for withdrawal of amount in PBA account National saving center in case of death of account holder
      And If more then 1 legal heirs and not agree on nominee

    • M.AZAM.KHAN says:

      with thousands apologies, in case, bank account is in National saving center,there is no need any Succession certificate and nominee need to direct contact with bank manager with death certificate of account holder and a affidavit with two witness with photograph matter will be settled same day.

      • What is the General Power of Attorney. My father died but before that he gave power of attorney to my brother to put our house on rent. Now can my brother sell the house without taking any consent from rest of the family. Moreover, for succession certificate do all of us siblings have to appear in court physically.

  8. I need to obtain succession certifcate after the death of my father. But I am told that I need to specify the amount present in the bank account for which Im obtaining the certificate. Is it right that I need to disclose the exact amount in my father’s bank account to obtain the certificate?


    • Administrator says:

      @saba ali
      yes it is right you need to specify the exact amount and then you can obtain it.

      • tariq mahmood says:

        you should send a legal notice to the bank concerned advising to furnish information regarding your father’s account. i.e. amount lying in the account etc.

  9. Dear, I need to know in a situation where a man died, left behind a widow and two children(minor), having bank balance of Rs 4 million.
    What will be the procedure for the disbursement of that money and how much is the share of the widow and the children and is there any amount blocked by the court in case of minor heirs.

    • Administrator says:

      Mother is guardian of minors and she will be entitled with all money because minors are in her custody she is their guardian after death of father.
      simply file suit in civil court and obtain the degree then mother will get all the money.
      Jibran Jamshed Awan Advocate
      Awan Law Associates Multan

      • Dear Jibran,
        thx for quick reply…. here i have contacted with an advocate he told me that 1/3 of the amount will be granted to mother rest will be kept by the court till the majority of the children is this the correct way .. plz guide

  10. Dear Jibran,

    My father had 2 marriages & and he died 2 years ago, My mother got divorced & then my father married a women just 8 months before his death. He was a govt. employee & didnt leave any will before his death. Now there are only 2 heirs left that is me & my ex-mother (didnt mention my mother as she is divorced). Welfare dept. of my father’s office say that you have to give us the succession cert in order to get the GP fund,pension graduaty etc etc. because there is a dispute between me & my ex-mother. Now please guide me that how & from where can i obtain a Succession Cert. as my father lived in rent houses & he kept changing them till his death. Secondly after giving the Succession Cert. to Welfare Dept. Will i get my share separately ? If yes then will it be greater/lesser than my ex-mother’s share or will it be divided equally ? (Because according to Shariah Law i get 87.50% out of 100%)

    Please reply as soon as possible

    • Administrator says:

      you have to file civil suit in order to obtain the succession certificate. one you get the succession certificate you can get your share. you step mother will get 1/8 part of all the belonging of your father and you will get remaining.
      Jibran Jamshed Awan Advocate
      Awan Law Associates Multan, Pakistan

  11. My father died in karachi and own a bank account in which he has some money. What is the simplest leagal process to get the money out of the account. Does all successor needs to be physically present for this process. Please advise

    • Administrator says:

      you have to file suit in civil court in order to obtain succession certificate from the court. Presence of heirs required during the evidence in the court
      Tanzil u Rehaman Khan Advocate
      Awan Law Associates Multan

  12. Dear-
    Thank you for running such informative and updated website.
    I have a question for you.
    My father died couple of years ago. I have one special adult brother (mentally retarded). I want to ask you how can we manage to sell the property (a house) in father name. Does my mother need a guardianship certificate for the special brother. and if yes, how can we get that, please elaborate.
    Also what is the legal process/guideline of selling that house give that I have the General Power of Attorney from all other legal heirs except that special brother.

    Let me know, if I need to provide further information.

    • Administrator says:

      You need to get a medical certificate from authorized medical officer to prove that your adult brother is mentally retarded. you have to file application in session court in this respect. without this procedure you cannot sell the house of your father.
      You have general power of attorney but you cannot sell house without getting medical certificate about your special brother.
      hope you get your answers
      Malik Jibran Jamshed Awan Advocate High Court
      Awan Law Associates Multan

      • Hi-
        Thank you so much for the response.
        Can you please specify who this “authorized medical officer” should be. Is this something appointed by the court after I file the case or should I just get the certificate from any medical officer in public sector hospital.

        I will really appreciate if you could SPECIFY certain steps or tasks that I need to go through.


        • Administrator says:

          yes first of all you have to file suit then you have to obtain the orders of court in this respect

  13. Hello!

    My brother passed away in Dec. 2010. My mother and myself are the only two heir now as my father is also passed away before my brother and we do not have any other heirs.
    I filed for succession certificate through a lawyer and all paper work were done such as ad in paper etc. and per lawyer court has accepted everything in favor of my mother and myself as two heirs.
    My lawyer says that to get the final certificate, we have to have a guarantor to guarantee on our behalves.
    Is that true and do we need one to get the certificate?

    Please help and clarify this?


    • Administrator says:

      yes you need to give guarantor in order to get succession certificate
      Awan Law Associates Multan

      • Thanks for the reply. I did got a guarantor and court finally issued the certificate.
        Now the problem is that when we presented this certificate to the banks, they said their lawyers will verify the certificate with the court again and the banks will charge me the lawyers fees.
        Is that what the process is? It looks like that banks do not trust either Pakistani Court certificates or this is their way of extracting money from the clients as they are now in need to have the deceased money be given to the heirs.


  14. Respected Jibran,

    My brother in law died two month ago. He borrowed one son from another family( as he didn’t have any child). he registered that borrowed child as a son and get the b-form also.

    now what is the law for his property distribution to his son and wife or any other relative.

    please guide, if possible.

    • Administrator says:


      As your brother in law registered child as his son so in eye of law he is the real legal heir of your brother in law

      Awan Law Associates Multan

  15. Dear Jibran, first of all thanks for so nice reply. According to Shariah its not right. But the deceased was sick for long period of time.(about 9 year). all the look after carried out by other relatives. more over deceased adopted the child, when he was only age of one day. does it right, if we’ll claim for money as a medical treatment. what kind of documents need in this regard. if you have any sub branch in Haripur or friend also inform. thanks

  16. Dear Sir,

    My father passed away in Saudi Arabia. My mother brothers and sister including myself are residing in Saudi Arabia while my late father’s parents are in Pakistan.
    My father’s employer asked me for succession certificate (known as hasar irth in Saudi).
    Couls you please guide me how to obtain this certificate. Do we all have to be present in Pakistan. Can embassy give us this cetificate and local Saudi court?

    Thanks and Regards,


    • Administrator says:

      you have to come in Pakistan in order to obtain Succession Certificate. No need to come all of you only you can come and obtain it

  17. Fida I. Rahmat says:

    My fathrer has five brother and one sister. all brother had died and my father and his siter are alive. one my father’s brother had one sister but no son how his property be distributed. thx.


  18. TAHIR ULLAH says:

    My sister is married and now has summoned me to share in the inheritance with me and my other two brothers in our parents’ estate. Our parents are dead for more than six years ago and we have not received their property in our name yet. My question is whether she can afford only to summon me?

    In addition, if her children can claim her share of inheritance after her death?

    • Administrator says:

      yes she can and her children cal also claim their share because they are legal heirs

  19. Anwer Alibaig says:

    I should highly appreciate it if you would kindly advise me on the following issues.

    1) My father has passed away but my mother is alive. my father has left a house in Karachi, which is in his name. I would like know if the house could be transfer to my mother in order to sell it.

    2) I also would like to know if the children of my deceased brother and sister are entitled to a share in that house,left by my father.

    Many thanks

    • Administrator says:

      you have to obtain the succession certificate in order to transfer the house to your mother name then you can sell it
      secondly yes children of your deceased brother are entitled for the property of your their grandfather.

  20. My father recently passed away in the uk, he left a plot of land in pakistan of which i am a nominee and this was also transferred into my name prior to my fathers death, my question is do i still need a heirship/sucession certificate considering the land has been transferred into my name. Iam living in thr uk, can you please advice where i optain this certifocate. WE ARE 4 siblings.

  21. My brother recently passed away in Lahore.
    My mother and myself are the heirs to him. We got a succession certificate and we submitted to the banks of my brother. They say that they will take ~10% off the amount as tax.
    My question is my brother paid all the income taxes on time etc. so why the bank is taking the 10% as tax again?

    Please give me the reasons for that.


  22. Mazhar qayyum says:

    I should highly appreciate it if you would kindly advise me on the following issues.
    my sister and her husband had a joint account in a bank i.e a broker ( for purchasing of shares in lahore stock market) now my sister’s husband died in may 2009
    now the broker or agent will demand Succession Certificate and then guardian ship certificate from my sister.
    is succession certificate is necessary for joint account?
    what should we do?

  23. Dear Sir,
    if deceased make a statement in favour of his wife for all the property as
    a gift on simple palin paper along with signature of witnesses. and orally to by saying the quran and qasum that i gifted my all the property to my wife. does it make some sense?

  24. Random Dude says:


    I thank you for your great effort. My question is about division of inheritance among wife, and adult children. I know the Sharia (sons get twice that of daughters etc etc). But in the absence of a will from the deceased what is the standard division?

    What I mean is: if standard division in Pakistani law is equal parts among sons and daughters, then I would want to go with that instead of Sharia division …

    if there is not standard division (it all depends on the agreement among the legal heirs) then that is a different story

    • Administrator says:

      @random dude
      if your father is muslim then his all he left is divided according to sharia
      if he was sunni then according to sunni law
      if he was shia than according to shai law
      standard division only possible if he would left a will
      without will all should be divided according to sharia

  25. Random Dude says:

    My father recently passed away and left land that is rented out. We are multiple brothers and sisters.

    Question 1: Is there any need to carry out inheritance procedures as soon as possible? Any risk if the process is delayed 6 months to 1 year?

    Question 2: If we have to renew rental agreements before those 6 months and we have not initiated the heirship paperwork, is it impossible to renew rental agreements?

    • Administrator says:

      @random dude
      you have to start inheritance procedure soon
      without inheritance you cannot renew that agreement legally

  26. Dear-All
    This page have usefull information and all you guys are doing Great work.
    I have a question for you.
    My father died couple of months ago. I have one special Younger brother (mentally retarded). My younger Brother already had medical board which clasified him as (mentally retarded). we are only two brothers. My Father left saving in bank (where he nominted equly all three of us, Me , My younger brother and my Monther ). He also left Some property in diffrent cities and agriculure land as well . They use to live in village with my father but now after the death they are living with me as my mother’s health conditoion is not Good. so what i have to do for the propety and bank. Where i have to apply for Succession Certificate they native city where he died or i can do or follow all the procedure the city i am living , Becouase of my Job its is noy easy for me to travell.
    Kindly Guide Me in this Regards

    • Administrator says:

      as far as the bank saving of your father concerned if your father equally divided it then its final
      contact with lawyer of your city for succession certificate , he will file suite in civil court and after that you ll get the succession certificate
      you can file it where your father lives
      hope got ur answer

  27. Random Dude says:

    Sir, I’m grateful for your kind replies … I have one more question:

    before my father married my mother, he divorced another woman who had a son with my father … but that woman married someone else and used the name of her 2nd husband as the father of that son … Therefore the legal father of that son is the 2nd husband but biological father is my father … the divorced wife and her son are alive …

    are we bound by Pakistan law to accept the divorced wife or her son as heirs?

    are we bound by Sharia to accept the divorced wife or her son as heirs?

  28. Muhammad Sajid says:

    I have a Question:

    Actually this is related to hiership in my family. My Mamon (Uncle) has died a few months ago. His wife was died 8 years ago, from his wife he has three daughters. My Mamon has 6 sisters.Two Daughter and One Sister is in our home like two daughters are married to two of my brothers and his sister is married to my father.So among 10 hiers 3 hiers are in our home.

    Now i am intrested to know how his property will be divided, also one of cousin of my mamo is threatening us to sign a hiership certificate and nominate him, otherwise he will execute orders from court to signed it forcefully. Please let me know how he can force us to sign a hiership without consent of all and how court can forced us to sign.

    Please help..



  29. salam my name is Ameen.
    my aunt passed away and she was divorced and There were no children and their parents and older brother has died. Now we want to know who can become the legal heir My mother is the sister of the late and are now in Karachi, you should tell us what to do And his brother’s children becomes a part of it or not? Please make it clear

    • @Amin
      first of all i am not able to completely understand your question
      and if there is no other legal heir of your ant then you mother is legal heir of your aunt

  30. okay main ab urdu main samjha deta hun ap ko… dekhein meri khaala ka inteqal ho chuka hai aur in kay ghar ka kabza hum ko chahiye. woh Talaaq shuda thi aur un kay koi bachay nahi hain, un kay parents ka bhi inteqal ho chuka hai aur barey bhai bhi guzar chukay hain 10 saal pehlay un kay bachay hain 5. ab meri mother jo kay choti behan hoti hain marhoom ki. tu kia yeh case un kay haq main jayega? agar hum case daltay hain to main un ka beta hun so please help us out.


  31. My Mother and Father has passed. My elder brother is claiming amount spent on renovation of a part of house where he is residing since 10 years. Is he right to claim it?

  32. Mazhar qayyum says:

    I should highly appreciate it if you would kindly advise me on the following issues.
    my sister and her husband had a joint account in a bank i.e a broker ( for purchasing of shares in lahore stock market) now my sister’s husband died in may 2009
    now the broker or agent will demand Succession Certificate and then guardian ship certificate from my sister.
    is succession certificate is necessary for joint account?
    what should we do?

  33. dear i need law regarding pension, gratuity, group insurance, GP fund, financial assistance that who will get these according to sharia

  34. Sir, I’m grateful for your kind replies. can you help me in my question mentioned below
    Q: if we have any problem against our area’s Tehsil muncipal administration team what should we do? Whose authorised officer taking action against them?Where we submit our complaint?
    Please help..


  35. i have some problem in distribution of my property that i have 4 brother and i am only a sister of him ,
    my mother was dead last 3 year before ,my all broth are arise a dispute between each other so they want to distribbute the immovable property and some movable assttest ,so i want to know that i have a position of one property one of them ,some share of that property are in my mother name like 25% of share in name of my mother can i widthdra from all my mother share in all movable or immovable property or movable property is much more then thats 25% of share ,i want that i widthdraw all of my shares in all other property and i can get only that 25% of property can hold shares in my naem can it is possible.
    your mobile no if

  36. I want to ask if I have a property but the papers have been misplaced, what do I do?
    I’m a widow with four kids, aged 20, 19,13 and 14. My brothers-in-law say that I cannot file a guardianship certificate and we can not claim a right on my father-in-law’s property. However I think that on my husbands behalf I can claim it. Please assist and give me some advice on this. Thank you.

  37. anonymous says:

    My father died in 2008 … n we havve got a succession certificate for all of our property i.e. back accounts, vehicles, flat and house … we have also got mukhtar nama aam n power of attourney in the name of my brother who is an adult … all army property is transfered on my mother’s name but this house which is a civilian property is not getting transfered to my mother … we have also got the registry from patwari transfered to my mother but we can not sell this house because somebody told us that this house needs another seperate succession certificate …
    can you please help us out

  38. Aaslam o alikum admin,
    My father died. He left 32 acres of land. now we are his 3 sons and 3 daughters and a widow
    .Would you please tell me according to the suni muslim islamic law on what percentage we can devide
    That property? I mean if a brother takes double than a sister then how much is mothers,s share
    Or mathimatically what percentage should be each of us share.

    Malik Mahmood

  39. Hiba shahzad says:

    My father passed away and now we want to sell the flat. Our file currently is in HBFC. I would be most grateful if you can inform me that who are the legal heirs of the property as per Pakistani law and as per the law of HBFC specifically.

    • @Hiba
      you, your bro and sis and your mother are the legal heirs of your father’s property.
      you have to obtain the succession certificate from court
      first clear your file from HBFC

  40. My aunt has passed away .. They have no children, only my mother she is her sister..And her brother’s children, who can become the legal heirs? according to shia Law?




  42. Babar Khan says:


    Just need to confirm, on which amount we need to obtain Succession Certificate in case of funds claim from deceased account by legal hire.


    Babar Khan

  43. Rafat Siddiqui says:

    i have already obtained succession certificate from court for my late father insurance claim now my father’ banks announce additional cash benefits so i want to know is the same procedure repeated or my previous succession certificate is valid my previous experience for obtaining this certificate is very bad and hectic. so what can i do

    • @Rafat
      contact with bank authorities, they may help you and issue you the money on basis of your Succession Certificate

      • Rafat Siddiqui says:

        Dear Admin

        I have submitted all related documents to bank authorities and they says that they will discuss with their lawyer. I want to know you expert opinion is my previous certificate give benefit/support to me.


  44. Tariq Ehsan says:


    I have a query regarding Surety Bond for the issuance of Succession Certificate..

    The court has released its orders after I filed suit for the issuance of succession certificate for the possession of bank accounts of my father after his death.

    At the last page or the last point the hon judge states as” Application is accepted subject to furnishing surety bonds amounting to Rs 1200,000/- with one local surety to the satisfaction of this court. Succession certificate be issued accordingly. File be consigned to the record room after its due competion”.

    Now I want to know that what is surety bond and how to provide a surety bond. Which things/property can be considered as a surety bond and who can provide means whether the person included in the application is eligible to provide his asset as surety bond??

    • @Tariq
      surety can be in form of bank guarantee of property documents. In your case it is in form of any property value of which is 1200,000. You need to submit registry of such property to court. Any other person can do it for you

  45. My Father in law died in last week I want to know about the legal heir he have one wife three daughters one of the is married and one younger brother unmarried . so who will file the application for Succession Certificate and what is the method to file the application and what is the method to file the transfer of pension for his wife

    with Regards
    M.A Baig

  46. My fathers brother died. he has no wife or children. He has one brother (my father) and one sister. He had left behind some property. Who is entitled to his property. Will my father and his sister share be equal or will my father get more than her sister. Please advise me.

  47. Dear Sir,

    My younger brother has died in few days ago, my brothers wife need succession certificate, can you tell me that what type of documents required for process the succession application.

    • @Rehan
      Sorry for your brother and your loss
      Your Bro’s Sister needs to file suit in civil suit and after that she can have succession certificate

  48. I m gaurdian of my nephews, persons n their property. Gaurdianship certificate was duly issued. I m unable to burden expenses of livelihood n education of the minors. There is some immovable property in their name, of no income. we ve agreed to dispose it off. what would be the procedure?

  49. First of all you are doing very good job to provide avarness about succession Law.

    I have a case where my grandfather (mother father) property have some disputes , he have 8 childrens (6 daughters and 2 Sons) and now (2 daughters and 2 sons) are also died. now what would be the distribution of his property , (died person also have adult childrens , some of them living abroad).

  50. Dear Jibran

    My wife has passed away 11 years ago. There is a plot in Pakistan, which . She left her final Will in favour of our daughters only. We got 3 daughters. They were minors at the time of her death but now all of them are over 18.

    If her brother and sisters has share in the plot then the following information could be useful. 1. She left 1 brother and 2 sisters.

    According to Sharia it is not allowed to make a Will over 1/3.
    What does the laws in Pakistan say about her Will in favour of our 3 daughters. If myself (husband) and my late wife’s brother and sister give consent to fullfil her wish /Will to transfer that plot to our daughters.
    just for information only, if mother or father or brother and sister of a female live after her death when she left her own children and husband what are the shares in property.

    I look forward to hearing from yourselves.


  51. Dear Sir,

    I need your guidance in this matter of concern.

    My grandfather died of natural causes in 2005. He had a house in his name, bank accounts, saving certificates, defense certificates, pension etc. There are 5 heirs of his property 4 brothers and 1 sister.

    Since his death all the documents etc. are in hold of my uncle (taya) and the assets have not been distributed among the heirs. Recently he has asked all heirs to grant him general power of attorney to handle any matters related to the house only without any mention of other assets.

    Please advise as to the right course of action that should be taken in this regard. I am looking forward to your kind response.


    • @salam
      The best way to solve it amicable is to file suit in civil court by all with consent and divide the share according to law
      As far as power of attorney is concerned only give to your uncle if you trust him

  52. My grand father passed away and he has some accounts in the bank, he has 3 daughters only, so now according to law the amount shud b divided equally b/w them or not, would there be share of others like my grand father’s sis as well?

  53. Shamim ahmed Shah says:

    My compliments for a very fine job you are doing.
    My father died 10 years ago at Lahore(permanent Residence). I brought my mother with me to Rawalpindi she expired 5 years ago. My mother during her lifetime had made a joint account with me in the bank, so therefore, there was no problem. Now it has been revealed that she had some agricultural land (two acres) in Gujranwala. We are a family of three and my brother and sister reside permanently in Islamabad. Do we need inheritance certificate or succession certificate? Can this process be undertaken at Rawalpindi or we have to go to Gwa? Any idea on the lawyer fees etc that he would charge for the case? I realize that actual court fees etc would not be much.

    • @Shamim
      you have to go to the Gujranwala, Go there meet with Revenue Officer there to transfer the land on your names

  54. Dear Sir,

    My husband was having a shop in his name in one of the market. He died. At the time of his death, only his mother was alive. Please can you tell us that wether his mother will be entitled her share in that shop. If she is entitled, how much % she will get.

    We don’t have the papers of that shop. How can we get those papers so that we can get succession certificate in my and my kids names?

    If possible, please send us your contact details.


    • @Musarrat
      yes mother is also legal heir of your husband and she has her share
      you have to find about the papers of shop and get succession certificate from court

  55. Sir,
    My grand father’s sister was died 23rd Jan.2012.She was unmarried 80 years of age in Islamabad.some saving certificates on his name in Islamabad and one home also in Islamabad.what can I do.

  56. My grand father’s sister was died 23rd Jan 2012.She was unmarried 80 Years of age in Islamabad.Some saving certificates on her name in Islamabad and One home also in Islamabad.What can i do.

    • @Ashar
      provide us complete details of her other relatives and legal heirs then we can advice you

      • thanks for your reply
        Complete details of her (grand father’s sister) relatives and legal heirs
        four niece two are married two are not married.My Father is also died means (her nephew).me, my brother and my mother.

  57. Alamdar hussain says:

    My matter is that my father died and we are two brother sharing in 1 plot 160 Sq. Yard my younger brother made PT1 his own name but i living half portion of plat from start and the other half portion live my younger brother who made PT1 his own name.

    Now i want to lease the half portion of my plot on my name. our plot is not leased till yet and i received the KESC Bill on my father name, Water Bill Owner name not mentioned name just writer owner, Sui Gas & Telephone Bill on my name.

    what should i do for lease the half plot on my name. Plz advise

  58. My parents has been died 15 years ago, and now the property of my parents are not yet distributed between us. As we know that governament passed a bill (NA passes bill for women inheritance rights) has been passed.
    Now the problem is that my Elder brother who is in faisalabad and property is also in faisalabad is not dividing the property of our parents,Many time I ask him to divide but he is not ready to do,and he said it’s NISHANI of our parents therefore it cannot be distribute.
    I don’t know what should i had to do in this situation..
    Please help If there is any suggesstion.

  59. My mother had died a year ago. Her father was not given due share from his father property.My mother was also not given share of propert of 400 kanal land. she had given me power of attorney of her claim on fathers land. can i claim a suit or what should be done

  60. Jawwad Ahmad says:

    My friend mother was a govt employee. She died during her treatment of cancer. Although he has siblings but he bears all the expenses of her treatment. She applied for assistance from the department but due to some problems this was not exercised in her life. After her death with the intervention of some high officials of the deptt my friend filled the claim again and finally it got approved.
    Now the Accounts Deptt is asking for succession certificate for payment of amount of Rs.350,000/-. Is there any other document that can serve the purpose or any other way to avoid this lengthy procedure of succession certificate.
    Please advise me in this regard.

  61. M Nawaz Gondal says:

    @ Adnan bro i apreciate about your that activity ,
    Brother i have a question ,
    Last year my brother passed away , just after 5 months of his mariage , his widow is still at our home , as our litle bro is studyng , we all think that we will arange sum so that widow wil mary with my litle bro . but now my litle bro is refusing , can you tell me that whether that widow hav any share in my father property ? as my father didnt transfer anything to anyone , and my brother who died last year havnt any own created property ?
    waiting for your reply ,, thanks alot

  62. Sir,
    My grand father’s sister was died 23rd Jan.2012.She was unmarried 80 years of age in Islamabad.some saving certificates on his name in Islamabad and one home also in Islamabad.what can I do.Complete details of her (grand father’s sister) relatives and legal heirs
    four niece two are married two are not married.My Father is also died means (her nephew).me, my brother and my mother.

  63. ahmar elahi says:

    First accept my compliments for a wonder ful work ou are doing

    One of my female relitives recently died she had no children. She left behined a house and some money in the bank and national saving sertificates. She has one brother and two sisters alive and one brother and one sister dead

    My question is are the children of deceased brother and sister eligible for any inheritence feom her assets


    • @Ahmar Elahi
      Thanks for your appreciations
      No Children of deceased brothers and sisters are not entitled to the assets

  64. Nadeem Mahboob says:

    Dear Sir. I would like to ask that my father had an bank account in Lahore Pakistan. In 1988 he had a stroke on his right side of body. That time he was unable to speak properly but what we can understand that he is trying to tell us that he had a bank account that he never told us before. He was trying to write on the paper that he could understand us where his account is but unable to write clearly. He passed away in 1995, is there any way we could find out about his bank account even though we don’t know about the name of the bank as well. Please give me your kind suggestion. Thank you will wait for your reply.

    • @Nadeem
      Your case is totally different
      try to find out the Bank or go to the head offices of major banks and try to find the record of your father’s name
      there is no other way

  65. Tahir Rafique Khan says:

    Can Bank release funds below Rs.100,000/- of a deceased to widow against Bond of Indemnity including shares of minors?

    • fazal hussain says:

      Yes. Mr. Tahir banks can now release an amount not exceeding Rs.200,000/- to the widow against Bond of Indemnity duly signed by two account holders of the bank. There is non need of a succession certificate.

  66. ahmed ali says:

    Dear sir,

    my father died 2 years ago, he left one wife and 3 sons. one of the brother filed a civil law suit for property distribution other 3 are following. judge ordered to distribute the property but case is still keep going on.
    both sides lawyers are not very helpful. my question is do we need to file another suit for succession certificate for distribution of property or the same court will do it? and how we will distribute the other assets like banks accounts and shares etc. do we have to wait for the court until it distribute the property how this will work?
    my lawyer says we don’t need to file for succession certificate this court will distribute every thing but court papers does not mentioned anything about bank accounts, shares etc.

    thanks in advance for providing this wonderful service

    • @Ahmed Ali
      If you all legal heirs are agree on the distribution of assets than Succession Certificate is enough
      court only intervene when there comes some dispute between legal heirs.

  67. Ali Babar says:


    My wife passed away recently.she had some national saving certificates without any nominee. what is my legal position while claiming the succession of those certificates being her husband.

    • @Ali Babar
      You can obtain those certificates because you the legal heir
      or you can obtain the decree of civil suit regarding them

  68. Assalam-u-alaikum.


    My Mother(Late) have seven Sons and 4 Daughters (including me , however one have expired before my mothers death.First please tell me are his children who are not minor entitled for share . Second we have immovable properties on mothers name which will be transferred to all legal Heirs .I am not willing to sell the property do i have right to stay as i m the one living in that property (House).or what i can do for a stay .


    • @Waqas
      The children of your deceased sibling have no right on the property of your mother.
      All other have equal right on the house, no matter they live in it or not
      if you want to live in that house you must pay the share of that house to all your siblings
      otherwise they can file a suit for partition of that house

      • Assalam-u-alaikum.

        About 2 years ago my father passed away in England we have land in Pakistan which needs to be sorted the problem is there are 7 children from 2 marriages do all of us have to go Pakistan to resolve this or lets say 3 people go can we give them our identity cards. Can we do this? I have been told we need to write a covering letter and get it stamped from the Pakistan embassy. Also how long does this whole process take from succession letter to have the land into all of our names.

        • @ Ali
          Yes, you have to get covering letter and attested it from Pakistani embassy.
          We cant tell you how much time it will take but if you work fast you will get it done in quick time
          as far as the case is concerned it can be decided withing 6 months in Pakistani court

  69. one query my father died and left a house in the name of my mother i have only one sister would you please tell me if property can be distributed as per inheritance law if yes what is the procedure shares for that will there be a legal notice or a suit to be filled in such a case

  70. my father had bought a house for my two brothers but not for me in his life and when he die
    he left a smaller house in his inheritance and know this smaller house is being divided between
    three of us but if we sell this house I will not be able to buy a house but my brothers got their another house to share and they can buy their houses, so is any thing can be done about it in pakistani law?

    • @Nadeem
      The question is that who is the registered owner of that other house?
      if that house is registered on your brother’s name than you cant do anything about it
      but if it is still registered on the name of your father you can file suit in court for your share as legal heir

  71. Sir,
    I want to know about a house that is at the nameof my deceased father. I live in Hyderabad and want to know the complete procedure, documents required etc for the transfer of title from his name to ours (the kids).

    Awaiting your reply.


    • @nadia
      if you are the only legal heir you need to file suit in civil court for the house
      you should consult with some lawyer in your area

  72. neha ali says:

    My father has passed away so what is the legal way to transfer the bank account balance of 800k to my mom account?
    is hereship certificate relevant?or sucession certificate is req?
    kindly tel me in detail….Regards

    • @Neha Ali
      you need to get the succession certificate from court in order to transfer that money
      All other legal heirs must agree to that your mother will get all money

  73. Dear Sir,

    My father died in Pakistan and I have mother and five sisters and one brother living in Pakistan. I am at the moment living abroad (Spain). My father left few property (plots) and bank balance. Could you please let me know how my mom and bro and sisters can get their share while I am living here in Spain. My bro asked me to write a power of attorney, which i do not want. Is this possible that they get their share in Pakistan without my power of attorney. I asked them to apply for the succession certificate but they replied that they need my power of attorney ????
    Many thanks for yours help

    • @Khan
      you need to give your power of attorney because it is necessary and without it they cannot obtain the Certificate

  74. Dear Sir,

    Dont you think disclosure of exact amount to courts in bank of a deceased person can brew many safety problems for the legal heirs in the long run

  75. Bilal Ahmed Ahmed says:

    My father died in Bhoja air crash recently, he left 2million in NBP, one house a car and 3million in national savings(which is now on my mother’s name). I want to know the succession certificate procedure as Bhoja claim requires this too, plus how much fee should i expect to pay to a lawyer in this regard; and are there any cautionary things that i need to do while submitting photo copies of all relevant documents to my lawyer.

    Bilal Ahmed Awan.

    • @Bilal
      First of all i am very sorry for tragic accident of your father

      You have to obtain it through court and as far as the fee of lawyer is concerned it is different in different cities
      from 20000 to 100000
      you lawyer will guide you about the procedure and required documents
      We are Multan based so we only deal cases in Multan or some times in Lahore

  76. Doctor says:

    What is the procedure of obtaining Guardianship Certificate for minors left with mother after their father’s death?How much time does it take to get it?Is it issued in general or specific for the property which is meant to be transferred?

  77. dr.shams says:

    If father dies then mother is the natural guardian of children under 18.In this case does she need to get Guardian Certificate from Court to surrender her and the minor children’s share in agricultural land during family division of agri land?

  78. omair arif says:

    My father died in 2001. i need a lawyer who is best in banking or succession cases in karachi . plz forward me who deals in karachi. my father account is in abn amro bank , which is now call as faysal bank . there is a certificates and account . but after 12 years who i can get the money

  79. Kindly advise on what the christian law of inheritance is? is it equal shares for widow and children?

    Best regards.

  80. Hi,

    First of all thanks for putting up such a good site. I have a query about heirship certificate. Like a comment above, my mother also died in the Bhoja air crash. I am facing problems in getting a heirship certificate. My mother only had a bank account in her name. The tehsildar said that there needs to be a property in her name for the issuance of a heirship certificate. Is there no other option?

    The airline is accepting heirship certificates but I’m afraid we’ve to go for a succession certificate now. How much time and expenses will it take?

    • @Lareb
      God give you patient to bear that loss
      expenses depends upon the fee of your lawyer which is different in all cities
      and it can take up to 4 months to obtain it

  81. Motasim says:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    My father died a couple of months ago, now I want to make a succession certificate. Can I do it all myself in the civil court according to the procedure mentioned above or is it mandatory to hire a lawyer?

  82. Mr Saeed says:


    Dear can you please tell me that after the issuance of succession certificate if someone need to add some other ammount in the section certificate (ammount of the deceased person, which come into know after issuance of succession certificate) , can civil judge add that ammount in previous succession? or need to re-apply for new succession certificate for other ammount?


    • @Mr Saeed
      you need to forward an application in this regard to the court which issued the certificate

  83. AOA

    My wife passed away recently and she was a school teacher.my deceased wife brother and sister file
    a suit for succession certificate to get there shares in pension,gratuity etc.now my question is my deceased wife brother and sister are entitled as a legal heirs?if no then kindly provide me some rulings on this.

    • @Ayub
      there is difference between Sunni law of Inheritance and Shia law of inheritance
      which sect your wife belongs

  84. Assalam-O-Alikum,

    sir mian bohat english nahi likh sakta, because mian last 6 years iam living in barcelona Spain. So my english is week for spanish , kindly, ager app burra na manna to kia mina apni problam romen urdu mian app ko bataa sakta hoon, because mian bohat problam mian hoon,, merii 6 years ki Quamiie yani jo mian ny yahn spain mian reha ker Kammii thi, woo mera little brother Harrap kerny ky chukeroo mian hai, aur us ny mera pakistan mian naa hoona ka Fiaddah Uthathh huwa Mother ka brain wash ker dai hai, ab woo logg yani meri Mother and brother Humray Abbiie Gher ko Sale ker rehian hai muj ko batyy Beggerr, muja yah batt mera dost ny call ker ker bati hai, humray gher humrah Father ko Wirassat mian mila tha, us ki koi Rigestry nahi hai, yahan yeh battata chulla that meryaa father ki death 04 jan, 2001 mian hoo chuqii hai.

    Iss Gher ka PT-1 fROM mera namm ka mian ny bunwaya tha , Father ki death ky kouch Sall badd , kia mian koi Qannooni Help Ly sakta hoon, Iss PT1 from per, ya merii wiirast mery sy cheen li jay gie, bcz woo kouch bi dena ko ready nahi hai. even mian 6 year mian jo bi Qamya woo sab kouch bi pakistn Mother aur brother ko bejj detta tha, woo is ko bi boull gyian hai, can u help me /?
    Plz mian wait keroo ga app ky reply ka.


  85. Assalam-o-aliakum:
    Firstly, thank you for this website, it is very informative.
    My father passed away recently, he was living overseas. He had several properties in Karachi, both flats and plots of land. Currently, we have been relying on his business partner to guide us on how to transfer these properties to my mother’s name so she can start selling off the land, as me and my brother’s live overseas. So far he has guided us, but I do not want to rely solely on him and would like to understand the process myself. Since he has his own business to run, he is understandibly not always the quickest at addressing our questions. The properties involved are extensive and valuable. We are not even completely certain that we know of all the properties. So my question is 2 fold-
    1. How can we find out all the properties held in my fathers names in Karachi?
    2. What is the best/easiet/quickest way to go about transfering ownership to my mother, as she is the only one in Karachi and can help manage/dispose of them?

    I understand that you deal mainly in Multan and Lahore, but I hope the answers to my questions above will be the same across Pakistan. If not, kindly refer me to any alternate website where I may pose this question.

    With best regards,

  86. farzana says:

    Dear Sir,

    My friend’s Parent were separated 20 years ago.They had no divorced but father of my friend was not earning and mother of my friend was keep telling him about it and therefore she left his home and went to her parents home. My friend and her sister were grown up by his Mamoo . My friend mother was died 2 years ago but her father is alive and not living with them since then .Is that possible that she can obtain his inheritance property from her father during his life time. ?

    • @Farzana
      it is not possible to get that property during life of father without his consent
      but if father dies than both are naturally the legal heirs of father because there is no divorce

  87. AOA

    We are three brothers our father and mother died we need to make a hariship certificate
    we want all of us are equal share of the house what is the procedure and required document

  88. Anonymous says:

    Respected Sir,
    My Father died 8 months ago.He has two daughters of 20 n 17 years,son of 12 years and a widow as his legal heirs.We have applied for succession certificate nd my mother has been made the guardian.I want to ask that this is necessary for guardianship to give Some property like a plot or a house) as surety???
    if it is necessary.then when would that property be released?

    please i am waiting for your reply.


  89. Abdul Rehman says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to get the legal openion about our case. my sister have 03 daughters and due to family problem, we got the Khulla from the court. her husband got married withanother lady and he got a Son from his second wife. during the proceeding of case He died last week. at court instruction we checked the property owenership and found that before death but during the case with us, he transfered his property as HIBA to his son who is minor.

    i want to know that can my sister’s daughters get some share from that propeerty or not?

    please advise.

    Abdul rehman

    • @Abdul Rehman
      Your sister’s husband was owner of that property and he rightly transferred his property as HIBA to his son.
      but if your want to challenge it you can challenge it in court by taking ground that HIBA is based on fraud and daughters are also entitled for property

  90. Dear Sir,

    My mother died in 1995 and I was her only child and thus only heir. My mother had a car whose registration is in her name and I renew the registration every year. The car is in my possession since her death. I now need to transfer the car registration to my name from her name.

    As I am the only heir, do I require a Succession Certificate to have the car transferred to my name or can it be done through some other method as well which does not require a Succession Certificate e.g. Personal Undertaking on Stamp Paper, etc.

  91. hi. i just married to a british citizen originally born in pakistan but now british citizen.i applied for visa but could not get one.now problem is , it’s ,more then one year and she is getting married with someone else in Uk. she came in pakistan and married to me and was registered with local union council and nadra as well.she also got some property and money in bank accounts in pakistan which i gave to her.now question is , she is still my wife and how she can get married to new person without my permission and secondly, how can i get my property and money back.please advise, in dire situation???

    reagrds, junaid.

    • @Junaid
      your wife cannot marry with any other person because she is your wife and it is against Pakistani law and Shariat
      but she is not in your reach and in UK
      so you can file suit in civil court to get back your money and property which you have transferred to her

  92. if some one have given special attorney to his son in law that after the death my son in law can even operate the bank account.
    whether it is possible?
    and same person have only son who is legal heir
    can he claimed for the concerned account?

    what would be the situation of both if they claim from the bank for the amount in deceased account?
    and what would be the situation if real son have some written instruction that the above son in law could not continue the account after the death of my father?

    please reply me with details

    • @Rehman
      after death of your father that special attorney is meaningless and you are the only legal heir and only you can operate the bank account of your father after getting succession certificate from civil court.

  93. Mrs. TALAT TAFSEER says:

    Dear Sir,
    Assalam Alaikum

    My husband deceased in June ,2012. Now I need succession certificate for his own property ,pension and funds, he was on job when he passed away. Our layer told us that all his brothers and sisters should surrender in favour of his widow and children, I want to know that the property and funds are not related to his brothers or sisters so why they should ask for surrender? Please guide me as soon as possible.



    • @Talat Tafseer
      if you have son and daughter than you are the only legal heirs of all property
      but if you have no son and only daughters than brothers of your husband are entitled for some share in that property

  94. Haroon Rashid says:

    Dear Sir

    My NANA died in 2004 and left 2 properties and a running business which at the time of NANA’s death was being operated by my 2 MAMOO’s (Mom’s Brothers)

    The 2 properties which are left are total value of 4 Million where as Business was worth about 50 Million.

    My NANA did not gave any will about any of his property or business,,,, now our mamoo’s are saying that the 2 properties should be distributed among brothers and sisters as per the rules but they do not consider the business in the distribution…. please guide me …. my mother is the only sister and they are 3 brothers. NANI also died in 2002 ….

    Waiting for your reply

    • @Haroon Rashid
      the only option available to you is file suit for business share
      actually it is difficult to prove the exact value of business and current status of of business because your Mamos are running it
      so there are few chances that your mother will get something from business but you can file suit and provide documents related to your business if you have any

  95. Fakhar Ilyas Malik says:

    My Father in 1964 bought agricultural land in sindh as a part of a rehab process close to Badin.
    As My Father was proceeding abroad he bought the land in the name of my grandfather, so that the could manage it in his absence. On his return my grandfather was sick so he did not think it was wise to raise the subject of transfer back. However he got a mukhtar e Khas for managing the land.Unfortunately my grandfather died before he could transfer back the property. Since then we have been occassionally visiting the land for safe keeping. My father is himself 76 years old and not in good health, he has 5 brothers and no sisters. 3 brothers have already died. I recently took him to the revenue office for transfer but the demanded that all brothers and their decendants to appear in the revenue office. We submitted the death certificate of our grandfather and als gave a newspaper ad. The surviving 3 brothers are unfortunately not on talking terms. The sons of our deceased uncle are now demanding shares of the property which is still in my granfathers name, kindly advise.

    • @Fakhar
      in your case legal position is that your grand father is owner of land and all his legal heirs are also entitled for share
      anwyz file suit in civil court and try to get justice from there but you are on weak footings.

  96. Dear Admin,

    My mother has passed away last year.She did not have a WILL as such but told us each about what she wanted us to have.We are three sisters and one brother.She told us nothing about shares to our dad.Our dad wants us to distribute the property and he wants his share.Everyone is ready to start the distribution process however i am not in Pakistan.I am in the UK and it might be a few months before i go back,but my family are pressing on me giving someone my power of attorney.I am not comfortable with the idea and although i love my family its not a particularly pleasent thought.If i dont assign any of my family members as power of attorney, is there a chance that they could go ahead without me.Obviously i will do my best to come as soon as possible.Even this may take six months and they are starting the process now as my dad is afraid he might die suddenly.My brother is actually by step brother.Any advice on how to go forward.

    • @Nazia
      legally they cant do anything without you
      but there are chances of fraud and cheating so advice is to come here as soon as possible

  97. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have couple of legal questions. I would be really grateful if someone could please answer me.

    1. My father had recently died (2 months ago) and he left us (we are 3 brothers and 1 sister) with his 5 marlas home in Rawalpindi city and couple of Kanals land in a village near Rawalpindi. What is the procedure to transfer both kinds of properties to our name?

    2. Is it safe to hand over original floor plan of a home to a person temporarily to rent out a property to him on federal govt. employees hiring basis?

    Thanks in advance.

    • @Wasim
      to transfer property first you must get succession certificate as legal heir of your father then properties can be transferred.
      secondly , yes i think there is no danger in it

  98. hey admin …
    i had a question of confusion that ‘ In such case where the deceased person was a resident of karachi and his immovable property is in hyderabad, and he died while he was in lahore then where the case should be filed to get succession of the immovable property’ ? i will be thankful for your answer!

  99. Dear,
    Is the presence of legal heirs compulsory when court orders for publication of the case?
    Or Lawyer present the legal heirs with applicant after Publication?

  100. Muhammad Shahid says:

    My father died 2 years back leaving a piece of residential property and some bank balance. Now we wanted to draw the amount however my father bank account is frozen unless we present certificate of succession/heirship certificate to bank.

    Can the certificate be obtained in absence of any of the heir as 2 of my brothers are not available in pakistan. Also, please tell me how much the total expense of the procedure is?

    Thanks for responses in advance.

  101. A few yrs back my father passed away & mother has been issued succession certificate by the court. The original succession certificate has been kept in record by one of the banks as the policy to process our claim on the locker & account in that bank. Now we are just left with the photocopies of succession certificate but we still have some unfinished/unsettled formalities to carry out for saving certificates transfer in national savings center. So can we get another original from Kachehri??? If yes then whz the procedure?????????? Or the photocopies will be sufficient?????????

  102. Sarwat ali says:

    My parents died leaving some property. We were three sisters and one brother. One brother and one sister died while my parents were alive leaving three children each. How will the property be divided?

    • @Sarwat
      all of you can apply for succession in the court or you can select one who look after all property after consent of others

  103. Fatima Khatoon says:

    I WANT TO QUESTION BUT I DON T KNOW ENGLISH WELL CAN I ASK IN URDU PLZ THANKS if so could u email me this is really important i would be really thankful

  104. Dear Sir,

    My father expired back in 2009 but unfortunately i wasn’t living with my father during his last days .I am the legal heir as declared by the court of law.

    The problem is that i don’t know about my fathers property i mean where are they..as my greedy uncle took possession of all of his personal property documents etc.

    Could you please suggest me any way i can trace properties or other possessions on my father’s name.

    Looking forward for your prompt response.

    Thanks & Regards,

  105. Sajida Rafique says:

    My question is that i files a successions certificate through lawyer and the court gave me one since i am the legal heir to my deceased husband according to his will. I also has two sons both under 15 years. but my husbands father and mother were dead according to my husband. After his death and after i got the certificate they contacted me. But in the certificate i had said they has died. How can i get this mistake corrected? Can i get this certificate cancelled and file for a new one?

    • @Sajida
      it is not ur fault you should go on with ur certificate
      in any future case you can tell court that parents were dead according to ur knowledge at that time

  106. Salman Niazi says:

    my father died in January this year its just me and my father my father owned a house in which we have been residing since he bought it documents of house are in the name of my late father just to get the house title transferred(no intention to sale it in near future) in my mother’s name do i need to get succession certificate

  107. Succession Certificate is required in order to transfer property of deceased person to his legal heirs such as bank accounts, insurance amount, stocks, bonds, Shares etc. Law of Succession 1925 or Succession Act 1925 governs the all procedure related with succession certificate.

    What is the limit of Succession Certificate?

    What is the limit of Letters of Administration ?

  108. dear how much expenses required for obtaining a succession certificate my father had an account and we want this money to transfer in my mother account

  109. Dearest Jibran sb, Administrator and admin and the team,

    Just wanted to let you know that the information you on this page was very helpful and I’m very impressed with the way you have responded to people’s inquiries. Wanted to thank you for helping people and giving valuable advice at no cost. You all are doing a great job, please keep up the good work!

    Many thanks,

  110. Imran Saeed says:

    Dear Sir.

    My father lived in the UK and passed away 4 years ago.
    Myself, my mother, brothers & sister all live in the UK.
    My father has a bank account in Karach, which was in his name only.

    What is the procedure for accessing the funds in this bank account?


    • @imran saeed
      You should obtain the succession certificate here in Pakistan.
      i think you should consult foreign office of Pakistan in UK

  111. succession certificate haseil krny ky baad property safe ho jati hai??

  112. My grandmother had a property in lhr.she died in 2003,leaving behind 2 sons and three daughters (all married n having respective families). My father and my uncle lives in that property. My father also died last year.Now we want to sell that property. plz advice the procedure.

  113. Sadaf Zulfiqar says:

    dear sir.
    Can a widow apply s.c for her husband job lumpsum who was a poilt in paf..i just want
    to know that she can apply certificat at civil court where she live but there is no property in
    the city where she live plz reply

    • @Sadaf
      She can apply from the place where she live

      • sadaf zulfiqar says:

        dear sir….plz clear one thing more that jahan wo rahti han wahan un k
        husband ki koi property nd bank acunt bhi nai ha phr bhi wo apply kar sakti ha…?? Plz reply

        • sadaf zulfiqar says:

          dear sir….nd plz tell m the detail abt this law that widow apply kar sakti ha coz
          judge reject the s.c coz there is no property of her husband where she live…now
          reply m early…plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

          • imran ullah says:

            my father in law died some 2 months ago leaving a house and a plot as a property, leaving behind 1 daughter and a widow. who will be the legal heirs of property. is there any share of uncle and aunts and other relatives.

          • @Imran
            her widow and daughter are the only legal heir in your case
            no uncle and anut

  114. Dear sir,my father died in1967 in Muzaffar garh leaving a home.we constructed a market there.Then through khangi taqsim market given to two of the sons named A and B.B sold his market share to A and one of the shops without selling its roof to some other person. B also died .Now A wants ownership to his name,what procedure he should adopt?

    • @Athar
      When he sold market share to A , there must be some sale deed etc which is the proof of ownership of A

      • There is no sale deed,verbal sale based on confidence.All legal heirs signed on a simple paper admitting sale deed and they have no objection on ownershipn of A. How ownership can be transfererd to A?

  115. imran ullah says:

    please explain one more thing, we have contacted a Lawer but he told that deceased did not has the son only daughter so uncle and aunt also have the share according to Sunni law in Pakistan.

  116. Azhar Ali says:

    Dear Sir,

    Is only one general succession certificate is enough for all properties etc. or separate certificate is required for every property.

  117. My father has died last month. I have two sisters (living abroad, who cannot come to Pakistan to fulfill legal requirements regarding succession etc).
    How can we (including my mother) can get the succession certificate.
    What else can be required for the following:

    – transferring the house to our name
    – taking custody of my father bank account and locker
    – Shares in name of my father.


  118. MRSshahid says:

    respected sir,
    MY problem is that my father died in 2004 and he left one house which was further transfered among 5 included my mother.my father made 2 marriages ,after divorcing the first one he made marriage with m y mother.we r 2 sis and 1 son from her and 1 son from the first one.After his death property tax was issued on my mother;s name and other but one year my step brother somehow transferred it to his name and he is trying to get hold of it..my real bro is not taking any interest as he knows that i wil give him his share. i also want to give my step bro his share and want to keep the whole house.pls guide me in referenace

  119. Mudasser says:

    My father passed away he have one wife and five children one son is in abroad so if my mother apply for Succession Certificate then it is necessary all of us present in the court or what is the procedure.

  120. Hi there. My Father in law died some days ago he has two brothers . A house which is combine property. And his brother are now going to.sale this property kindly confirm that the widow has anything from.the salling property?

  121. if a mamu has no kids will his nieces and nephews -sister’s kids have a inheritance share

  122. Sulaiman says:


    My father died few days ago , now my grandfather want to transfer my father’s share to us (Grandchildren) , my father has one sister, he want to transfer to her also. can some one guide me how to do it in safe way to avoid courts.

    1. through tamleek he can transfer 1/3 to us only .

    thanks WS

  123. can i sale this home ( which is my father’s property who died last year ) without succession certificate? i live in pakistan

  124. My father has died and left my mother and 4 sons. Pls advice steps so that his bank accounts, property and other financial issues can be addresed. Do all accounts and property be transfered to my mother and how quickly it should be done.

    • @JKL
      go to court and file case to get succession certificate then you can transfer to your mother’s name

  125. My father has passed away, i want to know how can the property be transferred to me and my brothers name? I heard about succession certificate how does the process takes place and how much time is required? I also want to know what if some property documents are lost what can I do to sell that property?

  126. Dear first of all i would like to appreciate your services.

    I have two questions.
    1. when some one has died and left adult children and wife. does deceased brothers and sisters can claim their share in deceased property(in any way)? or deceased children and wife will be successors only?
    2. how much time does it take to get succession certificate?


    • @Ali
      in presence of children and wife brothers and sisters are not entitled
      it may take 3 to 4 months to get succession certificate

  127. can you please address my query, if a shareholder has a share certificate of 100 shares but wants to split this in let’s say 2 share certificate of 50 shares each, what is the procedure he needs to follow? and what has the company to do with it? any meeting or resolution? please notify any statute you use here. thankyou.

  128. What is the procedure for withdrawal of amount in PBA account National saving center in case of death of account holder And If more then 1 legal heirs can you please define the status of nominee and all legal heirs they are not agree on nominee?

    • @ABC
      you have to get permission of the court before you can get saving certificate means you need succession certificate

  129. RES SIR
    sir mera sawal yey hai k succession certificate banany k liyay lawyer zaroory hai yaa khud application ka draf banwa kr submit kia ja sakta hai kyunkay kisi k maali halaat achay nahee hon to wo apna haq kaisay lay woh sub kuch chor day jis per dosray waris nay qabza kr rakha hai yaa koi aur fake docoment bana k property per qabiz ho plz advice me legal process

  130. Muhammad Shahid says:

    pls let me know, do i need succession certificate to withdraw bank balance of my deceased father. SBP has waived through its circular the condition to show the certificate. But bank refusing it as account also has locker associated wth account, though locker is empty n carries no items.

  131. sir,
    we are two sisters and a mother. my father passed away a long time ago.he left behind a house.basically,we are shia.but towards the end of my father’s life he showed inclination towards shia religion.actually,he had befriended some shia friends who had an impact on him.we never took that seriously,until his death and now,when we have heard that this thing can be used to our advantage.as you would know under shia law,a window and daughters can get legal heirship.the question is, we don’t know how to prove this claim? can we just go to any imambargah and ask them to write certificate accepting him as shia? is there any simple way out? the lawyer says civil suit which will take months and we are in a fix? morover,i have heard civil suits are very very exoensive too.except for the house, we have nothing with us.the money he invested in a buisness doomed.kindly, give a suitable solution.one that is pragmatic for our situation.we live in islamabad.

    • @daughter
      Yes you can get certificate from Shia Alim in this regard
      but you have to file suit for succession certificate ,
      find some economical lawyer for the purpose

  132. javed hussain says:

    Dear Sir!

    My brother and mother died one after the other within 1 year. I am now the only surviving heir to all their properties, moveable and immovable. My mother has a house in Lahore but she was in Karachi when she died.
    Can I file a succession certificate in Karachi? I do not have any relatives or close friends in Lahore as I live in USA. So I need to give power of attorney to some one in Karachi to act on my behalf.
    Will this work? One option is that I give the power of attorney to my wife and then she can stay in Karachi and get the certificate.

    Please give me you advice what is best in this case. It is more that 2 years and I still have not filed for the certificate.


    • @Javed
      You can give Power of Attorny to your wife and send her to Pakistan for the matter
      Yes you can file it where property situated

      • Javed Hussain says:

        Thanks for the quick reply.

        Can I file for SC in Karachi even though the property is located in Lahore?


  133. Dear Sir !

    Recently my father died n left around Rs 60k in Soneri Bank Ltd. When I went there to claim it with my mother he asked me to get succession certificate. When I consulted legal advice I was been told that I only need SC if the amount is more than Rs. 100k and if the amount is less, then it should b dealt within the bank itself. But the bank is in complete denial of such an act.

    Please help me with it if there is such a law which clarifies this!
    Thanks again for your time 🙂

    • @Ali
      Well some banks do not require SC if amount is less than 100K but other require it.
      You should meet bank manager and trying to convince him otherwise you have to get SC to get that amount

  134. Sher Sultan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I was a contract employee of a federal government department for 6 years, when I resigned. I got no retirement benefits from my employer organization. Can I claim for GRATUITY under the law?

  135. Sikander Akram says:


    I wanted to know what documents are required for the making of succession certificate? And Court makes it or Nadra?

  136. Dear Sir

    Appreciate your guidance in this scenario.

    My father has passed away. We need succession / legal heirship certificates. Now, 02 of my brothers are abroad and cant visit Pakistan. I’ll be grateful your guiding as to how to obtain these two certificates without the brothers coming to Pakistan. Thanks.

  137. salam. i am rida saleem from karachi. my father has died this year on 14 june due to cancer he was a govt officer and serving as a regional coordinator. after his death we applied for hiership in the DC office. (district commissioner office) we provided all the documents they asked to submit then they give an ad in newspaper and said to wait for 7 days after that we will get our hiership for further processes of getting pension and succession certificate. after some days a women claim that she and her children are also the legal hiers and she put forward an application to the dc to put her name with us in the certificate. for inquiries the nikkah nama that she provided in the office was fake. the commissioner also said that this is fake. provide the witnesses and evidence of your nikkah ( any photo album or cd of your nikkah) on the other hand they cancelled our hiership. the dc office sends her 3 notice for personal apperances with evidence but she did not came.we asked the commissioner to restore our hiership but they said we have to complete our duty you should wait we will take one sided decision which supports you. in the mean time she applies for succession certificate in the court she hired a lawyer and sends us a notification through a court person to appear in court on 27 september 2013 if we have any objection otherwise court will take decision supporting her.
    please tell me what should we do we know that her documents are fake. the investigator tells us the whole story even this that she gives bribes to claim for succession certificate. we also visit a lawyer today she gives us no hope and she say ( agar maulvi ne ye keh dia k maine nikkah parhaya hai tw faisla us k haq main hooga, she also said paisa dey k sab kuch ho sakta hai) please help us
    a daughter

    • @Rida
      no need to worry because it is simple to to won such cases on the evidence of single person.
      they have to prove lot of things which is not so easy
      so i think you should engage some competent lawyer who can guide you well

  138. dear sir.

    My aunty is a widow, My uncle left some of his savings in bank account and to clear this amount we require succession certificate. My aunty has no child, will this amount be also distributed among the brother & sisters of my uncle or my aunty is the sole owner of this amount.

  139. Hi Brother,
    You page is very informative, thanks for guiding people you are doing a great job May Allah bless you with happiness and success. I have a small quick question all the brothers and sister gave their documents (PA) in favour of elder brother and now elder brother wants to sell property in less price and wants to do distribution the way he likes upon asking he threatens everyone and says ” PA is in my name if I will give nothing to anyone, no one of you can challenge me” please advise as no one trusts him anymore and he has all the powers since all gave papers in his favour.
    Nothing is sold yet still there is a time to reverse decisions please advise?

    Thanks in advance

    • Thanks for your wishes
      You people can cancel that PA by filing suit in the court and get stay order from court so your brother cannot sell the property

  140. qaisra waheed says:






  141. qaisra waheed says:



  142. Respected Sir,

    We have applied for succession certificate which has been granted with the condition of providing surety. Since all the family members are major and they have submitted their affidavit in favour of the petitioner for issuance succession certificate in his name. As all the members are major and they wish that condition of surety maybe exempted. The learned justice is ready to remove the surety condition but at the same time directed their lawyer to quote if such authority to remove the surety condition is available in books of Law and Practice. Kindly inform about such authority/Law giving name of book and relevant reference number.

    With kind regards

    Naba kay

  143. qaisra waheed says:

    Qaisra waheed says:
    November 8, 2013 at 6:33 am





  144. qaisra waheed says:

    Qaisra waheed says:
    November 8, 2013 at 6:33 am





  145. a.o.a
    sir meray father ki death hue 1998 mein un kay naam pe ghar hai karachi mein ghar lease nahe karaya kindly ap btaiyen ge yeh ghar meri walda ya bahan bhaiyon mein kisi aik k naam kaisay transfer ho ga aur kda k konsa department deal karey ga aur kya documents required ho ge.
    plz reply zaroor kijea ga

    • @Zia
      You can transfer this house to anyone of your siblings or your mother if other agree to do this .
      You must file suit in civil court in this regard

  146. qaisra waheed says:





  147. Ammar Khalid says:

    Dear Sir,

    My deceased uncle left some money in his bank account. His legal heirs are one old widow, one 17 years boy and a 14 years girl. The boy want to get succession certificate in his name to withdraw money from bank because his mother is old and ill too so he don’t want to unrest her. Is it possible for him to get money from bank via succession in his name. If not, please suggest the easy way.

    • @Ammar
      Yes he can get the SC with consent of her mother and sister but it is better to get it with mother’s name
      to get money from bank SC is necessary

  148. today was my hearing for evidence in court for succession certificate..but they keep my all original documents and said court will give you back after attestation.. is it true? i am doubtful..please help me in this regard.

  149. My sister husband is passed away. my sister got a ‘ will’ her husband gave to her in his life that after my death his wife will be owner of his property no one claim any share even his children . and in the bank he made 100% nomination on her name. but my brother in law had two children from his divorced wife adult 1 son 1daughter. my sister has 2 duaghter minors. now bank wants succession certificate. because adult child claim by lawyer. so what will be value for ‘ will ‘ and nomination.
    please reply

  150. Farrukh Mughal says:

    Can anyone tell me that who are the legal heirs of deceased in succession certificate, if deceased did not wrote any will?

  151. AOA , i am from karachi,
    First of all i appreciated your efforts what you are doing here MA SHA ALLAH SWT.
    i have read almost all the related questions and answers thoroughly and it clear me so many things.
    Respected , I just want to ask few things that are
    – how much does court charge for S.C (any approx. amount plz )
    – if an aged (52 yrs Old) widow apply for S.C so how long will it take to get S.C from civil court and can she directly apply for that or she needs to heir any lawyer ( as here almost all lawyers are greedy).
    – Can she be directly apply and get the shares on her name or will she has to distribute them among children (3 sons+ 2 daughters) although no one is interested to take shares and all they (children) want to hand over all the share’s possession to her
    – There are lawyers and a person who is saying that They could get the S.C on behalf of her with min. cost (around 70K / 80K) within least time. I don’t think so its min. cost for her bcz she does not do job, so i just want to ask for her only, kindly help because every lawyer is telling different stories (his own way stories) and she is fad up now so i want to help her at any how because she is need now. i want to help her bcz i am like her younger son

    Your reply will be thankful and appreciated if you consider and reply this post.

    Thanks for time

    • @Unknown
      Court charge nothing
      2 or 3 months time on average
      she cannot directly apply
      70k is much too expensive , it should be 10 to 20 k , hire some cheap lawyer

      • can you recommend her any good and reasonable lawyer ? if its so kindly email (jhoncena85@yahoo.com) me his details please, your kindness will be our pleasure.

  152. Jibran Bashir says:


    I need your advice from my case. I have a brother who is married as has two children. My parents have expired and we hold 3 flats and a business. As per our verbal agreement one flat is given to me and rest of the property is my brothers. Now the issue is that he is an alcoholic and usually beats his wife and children. Now i want the flat to be transferred on my name but he delays things and is not interested. I want my sister in law to have power of attorney so she could manage the business and property and help me in transfer of my flat as i have to get married soon. Please advice…

  153. Aoa
    we are two sisters our brother died before death of our father.At time of death of our brother, he left one son and widow. Now after death of our father and mother who also died earlier do they i.e. His son and wife inherit any share or are they legal heirs ??

  154. Thanks a lot. May ALLAH bless you. My other question is that our father left propertiesin Karachi , Lahore, Rawalpindi. Property includes plots, national saving center certificates, bank balance. My Que is Is one succession certificate is enough for all these properties in various cities or do I have to get separate for all of them.

  155. A.O.A
    Sir, mery walid sb fout hochoka hai. me succession certificate bana chahta ho. Grand father fout hai jabky Grand mother zinda hai kia Grand Mother ka name succession certificate me aye ga ya nahi.

  156. Sadaf Rehman says:

    Dear Sir,

    My father passed away six months back he had a house. I have two brother and my mother. i am married and living with my husband. one of my brother is in UK second one is here and living with mother.
    what should we do to get property on name of us or either nominate one of our brother to deal future rental agreements, rent, renovation etc as we are interested to rentout it despite sale or distribution.

    Please guide us

    Best Regards

  157. Labeeb Ahmed says:

    I live abroad, my father died and his bank has been provided with all formalities. The bank manager has given pay orders to the local people and wants my letter of authority attested by the embassy which is 3000 km from my place and the amount of pay order is almost covering the fare and stay if i go there.
    What other method can be used to provide letter of authority to the bank. The pay order is crossed in my name, donot know what is the issue with the bank not to hand it over to the authorised person, i already given a letter of authority.

  158. shoaib mehsud says:

    my father was Govt servant who died ten years ago. My father married two wives. After the death of my father both of my mother got monthly pension of my decease father.
    Now one of my mother also died a year ago.
    now the question is that what portion both of my mothers got after the the death of my father.???
    if it was equally divided between my two moms , now the remaining portion of my deceacs mother could be allocated to my living mother??. so that my living mother get the complete pension of my father….?????????

  159. Thanks for putting up this great website.I have a question. My uncle has passed away. He has a will that nothing from his property should be given to his wife and children. He only has one sister. Kindly tell me will the sister get all his property or there will be some other share holders also?

  160. Kamran Ansari says:

    I have situation and ask for opinion.
    Situation is that a person dies at the age of 42 leaves behind wife 32 year of age and 3 children.
    Although wife does not have any intention to get married but she is young enough and perhaps change her mind on later stage. The man had some inherited property after due agreement with his mother/brother and sister.
    Please advise how the succession would work

  161. AoA,

    My brother has passed away. he was not married. Our parents have passed away. I have one sister. who will be the legal heirs?

  162. Ali Malik says:

    If deceased died issue less leaving behind property which is not her own purchase but it was inherited property, do in this condition her husband will inherited the share while deceased brother and sister are alive ???

  163. Sarwat Ali says:

    My. Parents died and their property was transferred to me. And my sister. Now some relatives are threatening. That if we don’t give them. Equal share they will obtain stay on our property through lawsuit. Is it possible when property was transferred without any legal issues? They are forcing us to sell the property to a buyer of their choice who will give them their own pay orders. Like if it is worth Rs. 4. Rather than paying us both Rs 2 each he will pay Rs 1’to four . If we refuse to sell him they. are threatening with alawsuit and stay. Is this legally possible?
    Please reply

  164. Ali Malik says:

    If woman dead issues then what is the share of her husband in her property while deceased has brother and sister present.
    1. if deceased is Sunni
    2. if deceased is Shia

  165. Farhan says:


    I need an expert opinion regarding Succession Certificate please.

    My father passed away about 2 years ago. We were told that we needed a Succession Certificate in order to transfer funds from his bank account and saving certificates. My question is that is there a SC required to transfer his property into my name?

    Thanks & regards,

  166. Muhammad Sarwar says:

    your guess

  167. mohammad amin says:

    i have 2 children, son 14 yrs and daughter 11 yrs.after divorced family court give custody to me (father) and give order for visitation at mother home for a week. my children dont want to go there because they beat them n lock thm n moher dont love her children. so what sould i do for my children as they dont want to go to their mother? plz reply me as soon as possible.

  168. can i file a suit vs head of office, department for non payment of arrears of salary for long time? how

  169. My father died n my mother also died in same weak my father had a pension account n my mom was nominee of that account i have 5 sis all adult n i m only bro adult too on which rate amount will be distributed

    • @Naveed
      We can not tell you the exact rate but proper way is to get that amount by all of you and then distribute it

  170. i and my father are the only heirs of my deceased mother. i applied for succession certificate. my father surrendered in my favour during court proceedings. but the succession certificate is issued in favour of both of the heirs mentioning each stake. is it by mistake ?

  171. I wan to buy a home from a widow who has three child,2 daughters and a son(all child under 12 years of age) . what will be the legal procedure as per Pakistani law

  172. Q1) When buying a property, can wife write “I ……., daughter of ……..” instead of writing “I ……., wife of …….”?

    Q2) Is it possible to replace husband name to father name in ID card?

  173. Hi Sir,
    My brother age is 14 years. My father own a house.
    Can my father issue him “general POE for house” to my younger brother? Means, my brother is minor (below 18). Is this possible by law? Will this POE be effective after my father death?


    • @Abdullah
      Your father can transfer property through gift … He can give power of attorney but after his death it automatically revoke …

  174. my father died few weeks ago, he was only earning member b/c we are only sisters.(mean dead person has no son). I want to ask that my chachas( brothers of dead man) can claim for their part if we want succession certificate?
    plz reply as soon as possible.

    • @Jia
      in case person died without son then brothers, father, mother of deceased also legal heirs although their share is small

  175. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for all your comments/replies as this is invaluable information.

    Please advise is it possible for me to act on behalf of my sister in law following the sad passing of my brother. Essentially I am trying to obtain succession & heirship documents so that i can transfer all assets to my sister in law. The only heirs to the assets are my sister in law and her six children, two of whom are minors. Our main residence is in the UK and in pakistan we reside in the district of Rawalpindi. What documents will I require to file relevant petitions at the courts. Many thanks,

    • @Mohammad
      You need to get power of attorney on your name from your sister in law and after that you can file petition on her behalf.

  176. AoA! Dear sir,
    Masha Allah you’re doing a wonderful job by guiding people. May Allah Rab Ul Azit rewards you for this. Sir I’m in interested in knowing about “Mukhtar e Aaam” terms. My father developed a house and transferred it to the name of his father(my grandfather) from the beginning. My father has 2 brothers and three sisters. When my grandfather died I requested my dad to complete the formalities. To cut long story short recently we managed to get succession certificate in favor of my father. Now we’re in possession of death certificate of my grandfather and session certificate. Our property is in Azad Kashmir and now he wants to transfer it in my name as I’m one and only child of my parents. He said that he consulted some lawyer and he said that in order to transfer that house in my name he has to nominate a Mukthar e Aaam then he will transfer that house in my name. I’m having my doubts about this procedure why not my father can do it? Why there is a need of Mukhtar e Aaam? And what are the complications of nominating Mukthar e Aaam? I don’t trust anyone to be nominated as Mukhtar e Aam if that can risk transfer of house to my name….Please guide me! Is it a secure process? My dad wants to nominate my (Phupha ji) Husband of my father’s sister to be Mukhtar e Aaam. I’m in dire need to have detailed reply from your side.

  177. Dear Sir,

    My father is 88years of age. My mother died many years ago. He has made my step mother who is 35 years of age nominee of his bank accounts in Lahore. According to sharia law will we not get any part of it? What are our rights on our fathers wealth? We are 5 siblings

    Thank you

    • @Sameera
      In his life a person can give anything to anybody so you father can give all his property to second wife… in case he died then you have share in inheritance

  178. Mrs. Tariq says:

    Thank you for your support and answers to people. It shows your dedication and commitment to your field. I have a query and I would greatly appreciate if you could answer it:

    My mother passed away 3 years ago. Her mother (my grandmother) passed away recently. She left behind 4 sons and 3 daughters who are alive. There was a house on my grandmother’s name. My question is can I claim a share in my grandmother’s property, being her granddaughter, on my late mother’s behalf? According to shariah, I am not allowed. What about Pakistani court? What does court say regarding this?

    Kindly help me! I will appreciate it so much.

    • As your mother passed away in the life of your grand mother hence you are not entitled for the property of your grand mother.

  179. Aoa
    We are three children two brothers and one sister, mother got divorced ,then father married another lady got two kids, father died and before death he changed nominee name in govt record ,new name was of my step mother, Are we (from first , divorced wife) eligible to receive share in govt benefits?? If yes it would be kind if you can give me reference of particular rule .thanks lots of prayers

    • @Jalal
      If someone change the nominee in govt. record, it cannot be changed. But in all other assets of your father you all are equally shareholders.

  180. Salaam,
    My family is not based in Pakistan. I purchase properties and cars on their behalf in Pakistan. I have their properties, cars, and account balance on my name. I want to make a will so in case of something happens to me, they can get easy access to whatever is there’s.
    How should I go on about making a will?

    • @Irfan
      There is no concept of will in Muhammadan Law. In muhammadan law you can give anything to anyone through GIFT. If u die your all properties will be distributed among your legal heirs.
      So Better solution for you is to give whatever you want to anybody in your life

  181. my sister has two childs under 10 as she was not comfort with her husband and his husband has done another wed now my sister wants divorce but whats about the child as they will be with my sister or not? and even her hiusband does not inform her about the 2nd marriage.

    • @Nasir Alichild
      Although your question is related with our topic of discussion but here is your answer… In your scenario chances are that children will remain with mother if parties reach in the family court but there are many other factor which determine the ultimate fate of the decision.

  182. Immovable property Gift to real brother,is it lawful in Pakistan ?

  183. ABDUL SATTAR HAB says:

    AA SIR. about legal heir ship certificat
    our n.i.c is district nushero feroze sindh.

    1 can we issues legal heirship certifiact from karachi high court.
    2 can we issues from estat office in karachi

  184. Aliyah jabeen says:

    AOA sir, I have a question if a person had 3 sons and he gives his property as “Hiba” to his one son. after his death will the other two can take the shares or not?

  185. Mehar rajput says:

    Hi mgha ya hna tha kh last year my father passed away ma unka bnk account sa ksa money nklwa skta hn nd second one kh jo ghr unka nme ha usa mother kh nme ksa krwa skta hn jb kh unka bhai hsa Dar na hn asa koi process btaen ….

  186. Aftab Ahmad says:

    Aslam o alaikum Sir I appreciate and thank you for the info and guidance you providing here , I have a query regarding 4 successors wanting succession certificate in favour of only one of them , how the petition will be filed with consent of other 3 successors as you mentioned earlier i mean if they need to execute special power of attorney if favour of one of them or just appearing to give statement in court during proceedings is enough and how the title will go as ‘A vs Public at large etc ‘ or A,B,C vs Public at large ‘ . thanks

    • @Aftab Ahmad
      In that case one person need to file suit in court for succession certificate and all other will record their statements in court during that trial

  187. I have one daughter. What should I do that no one claim from my property after my death. WILL has any legal bind in this regard.

    • @TEmur
      there is no concept of will in Islamic Law… You can made hiba of all property to you daughter in your life

    • Muhammad Imran Musani says:

      Yes you can transfer your property in favour of your daughter or as a Gift. If you draft a WILL, then a WILL made not in accordance of Shariah is not acceptable and not executable. In your case you only have one daughter and according to Shariah your brothers and Sisters may claim the property after your death.

  188. Can i transfer my fathers property to legal heirs after his death from local patwari with out obtaining succession certificate. One more thing, this property is under revenue board with PT-1 form and is it legal in all forms. What is the process of selling it after wards. Thanks.

  189. dear sir,
    is any provision is avaiable

    my sister- in- law died few last year, she was a (Rtd) govt school teacher and she was un-married. she left small amount in her bank account. her real sister has applied for withdrawal her balance.

    Bank return her paper with following objection.
    1- parents death certificate
    2-un-married certificate from union office

    i want to ask you is there any option is available in law? we can withdraw the deceased amount from bank without the following.

    parents death certificate has been lost.
    union council fee is high and processing time is very long.
    please advice me IS AFFIDAVIT IS ACCEPTABLE.

    plz reply as soon as possible.

    • @Uzma
      You need to get these documents in order to get money from bank… banks follow these rules strictly now days

  190. Humaira, Sumera says:

    My father died about 4 years back he left one house which is occupied by two of our real and two step brothers we are two sisters and want to get our share but they are not giving us our share kindly let us know what to do and how we can get our share from our real and step brothers.

  191. My father died six month back and we want to sell the house. We are five persons, 2 brothers, 2 sister and mother. Do we need to transfer it on our names and then cal sell it and what is transfer procedure.

  192. My father passed away some yrs back. After his death my grand father also died, can i share the property of my grand father???

  193. Sir mjhy info chaiye…meri ammi cancer se foat ho gyin hain…mere abu yaha ni hotay wo bahir hotay hain US mein..meri ami ka locker hai wo mjhy apnay nam krwana hai to wo kese krwa sakti hu..kyn k mere ghr phuppi phuppa wagera ye logo ki nazar hai iss pr

    • @Ayesha
      Get succession certificate from court regarding the belonging of your mother. in this regard contact any lawyer of your locality

  194. Salam
    I want some information.. em living in a house which my husband gave me its on my name… can i sell dis house without his permission as i m the owner of house?

  195. My father passed away 7 years a ago .We know that my house document is mortgage in bank but all dues clear we have bank letter as well .but documents is in bank.how can i take documents back.

  196. Salman Khalid says:

    Dear Sir, Salam, I have one question. Please help me. My mother recently died and left house in Karachi. I am in UK. I have two brothers and one sister. Both brothers are living in the house and sister married living separately. I want to have my share in the house. Both brothers and sister not interested to sell the property. What I should do. I will appreciate if you answer step wise. Thanks in advance.

  197. I want to know my father left special savings certificates with nominee mentioned in all certificates but I want to challenge the nominee name as money is not divided as per ordinance law 1962 as being a son I want my right as per islamic law. So Can I get my share despite of the fact that my father made nominee to some one else?

  198. My father recently passed awayi am from first , divorced wife.he had national saving (RIC & BSC) certificates and pba account. He has made most of his nomination to my step mother(BSC&PBA) and small amount nomination to his brother(RIC &BSC)(UNCLE).Will account and savings certificates transferred to the nominees/ divided according to succession certificate.

    • @Aatif
      if he nominated the certificates then nominee will get them
      all other un nominated property will be distributed accordingly and you also have right on it

  199. Abdul Waheed Talib says:

    Respected Sir,

    Our Father has died at October 24, 2015, He had only one home of 5 Marla and we are 11 Brother Sister, ( 4 Brother, 7 Sister) our mother is alive.
    We Four brothers are living in this house. that is owned by my father.

    Can we give the Virasat to our Sisters?

    I have listened from someone that the Residential home cannot be divided in heirs.

    Please guide me.

    • @Abdul Waheed
      according to law everyone has share in that property including sisters
      Now its up to you how to divide it but sisters have legal share

  200. Ahmer Sheikh says:


    Kia aik Deceased Government Employee ki widow apney shohar ki galat salary fixation per pay & allowances ke arrears claim karsakti hai, what will be the procedure.

  201. Hi dear Jibran

    My father died a couple of months ago. One of my brother is abroad and does not know the attorney procedure too.
    For succession certificate, is it possible we do not show him as heir to accomplish the procedure fast and give him his due share after getting certificate. He also agrees this way. Need your guidance whether it would create any forgery issue or not?.

    • @Ishtiaq
      if you both agree then you can do it but technically it is illegal and you can be in trouble in future if something went wrong

  202. Zubair Hussain says:

    My father passed away and left following:
    A- 1 PKR and 1 FC account (All single signatory) in bank in Pakistan.
    B- Property/land in his name.
    C- Land recently purchase by my father but was not yet transferred to him.

    Below is out total family:
    a) 1st Mother (Late) + brothers (All alive) + sisters (All alive)
    b) 2nd mother (Alive) brothers (1 alive, 1 late) + sisters (All alive including 2 minor sisters)

    Can anybody help me understand:
    a) what is procedure for distribution of account balance and property ?
    b) Will deceased mother and brother be considered in the distribution?

    • @Zubair
      Your step brothers and sisters are also legal heirs of property
      you can file suit in court for succession certificate and then distribute the property according to law

  203. Jamal Rehman says:

    Dear Sir
    My grandfather passed away 2 years before my father passed away. My query is that as my father had 4 brothers and 5 sisters they haven’t acquired any succession certificate and things haven’t be devided yet. I want to apply for succession certificate for my family that is me, my mother, and my sisters.
    What is the legal prospective of this and will it put us in some sort of disadvantage since there wont be a seccession certificate from my grandfather and I will obtaining one that is from my father.
    Thank you
    In desprate need for guidance

    • @Jamal Rehman
      You can file suit in court if other relatives are not giving you your right
      if they are not agree to give you your due share you can file suit in court for specific property

  204. well I don’t need any certificates or property or whatsoever. I just want to clarify one thing is that in my childhood I was adopted by my deceased Grandfather. My biological father was not a good man. so my deceased Grandfather became my legal guardian and put his name as my father in all my educational documents. over the years I have become a professional engineer and through competitive exam got a high-level government Job in the services.

    Now i just want to ask one thing since all my documents bear name of my Grand Father as my father and not my biological father. My uncles who in documents are my brothers. further i am in good terms with my uncles (who in documents are my brothers). Will it be a source of worry for me in the future? and affect my promotion or create any other problem (like during census visiting my house in Khi)? a legal reply shall be appreciated

    • @Awhb
      You have to follow the legal documents in this regard because all your rights and liabilities arise from the legal valid documents

  205. Salam
    Thankyou for this informative website. I have one question to ask you. My father has passed away last year. He left aroung 5k in his bank account. What I want to know is how much exact fees I have to pay to the lawyer and the court in order to obtain succession certificate ?

    • Sorry the amount is actually 5 lacs

    • @Aysha
      The fee of lawyer is not fixed in this regard
      You can negotiate with lawyer

      • Thank you for your prompt reply sir. I would greatly appreciate if you could please explain this. “The court levies a fixed percentage of the value of the estate as fee for issuance of the certificate” what is the fixed percentage for the amount of 5 lacs?

  206. naida
    sir my father died about 12 years ago, he had agriculturel land, house,and certen amount.Due to some domestric problums my mother was angry with my father and was sitting with his father.But on death we all were present in our house, we are three sisters and a mother only, one of my sister is married.my grand father has died,now my mother along with me are helpless, the land of my father has been covered by my uncle(who was only brother of my father).our house was in possition of my cusens who sale some of our land made new house for them we are homeless.6 kanall agricultural land was given to us with the request of mohalla peoplesb out of 6 acers.we donot have any resorce of incom to deal with the case nither have mony to engage the advocate.
    kindly guide me so that i with my ill mother may at have house,and living at my fathers property.

    • @Nahida
      You and your mothers have legal share in the property but to get it you need to file suit in court through lawyer

  207. Abdul Rasheed says:

    I need help if someone (male/father) died and have two children (brothers) one of the elder brother who transaction of money from his father’s account and his brother is under 18 years old (age) so could it possible that his elder brother draw money from his father’s account without willing of his younger brother..

    • @Abdul Rasheed
      Legally after death of father, inheritance open and hence older brother cannot withdraw money without completing the procedure of inheritance

  208. One of the husband expire at saudi arabia in road accident .
    Now in order to get deyat amount and state life insurance policy .
    I require succession certificate .
    The decessed left his wife and two minors.
    Now what i file the application and which document is required for submission.
    Currently i have in my hand as below documents.
    Death certificate.
    Guardianship certificate.
    Insuarance policy documents.
    Road accident suit which was done at saudi arabia.
    Kindly guide admim. I have require only SC.

    • @Adeela
      you can simply file suit for succession certificate in court and also state the facts there
      but if court require necessary documents you have to arrange them

  209. what would be remedy for a bank locker? according to sec#372 of Succession Act succession certificate can be sought for debts and securities. Does locker of bank fall within the ambit of securities.

    • @Zeeshan Asad
      You have to contact the bank for that purpose
      if in their by-laws Succession Certificate is not required for locker you can have access without it otherwise you need to apply for that

  210. Is a successsion certificate required for joint accounts such as in cdc or with a broker

  211. Sir, I want to ask that when the succession is obtained jointly by the family under the name of only one of the heirs and there is no will left by the deceased as to how to distribute the money in bank. Would the court also issue the order to that heir to whom the certificate is issued on how to distribute the money? Secondly what
    If the heir after obtaining the succession doesn’t distributes the property among the other heirs. Is there a legal recourse?

    • @Fazal
      the order of court contain the details of succession certificate
      if someone fail to comply with such order , aggrieved person can go to court

  212. Sir, my father has been died in 2012 and our flat belong to him. During his life I got the power of authorization through affidavit .
    Now I want to sale my flat.
    Do I need to apply for heir ship certificate? Or I can sale out flat ?
    We are two brothers.

    Please advice.

  213. Aoa. I am single and I want to write a will leaving my belongings in my sister, her son and her husband’s name. Do I have to follow a legal pricedure for this or an affidavit would suffice?

    • @Sobia
      there is no concept of will in Muslim Law
      if you want to give your belongings to your sister and her family you have to give them in your life as gift and transfer the possession in your life

  214. Naeem Malik says:

    My elder brother died in U.K. He was married to a Britisher. She has no Pakistani nationality. My borther has some property left in Pakistan. How that property would be distributed? I also have 2 brothers and two sisters and some neice and nephews whose parents(who are also my borther and sisters are not alive) . How this property wold be distributed?

    • @Naeem
      As for as the law is concerned that Britisher wife is also legal heir of your deceased brother and she is entitled for her share in his property

  215. Can u tell me about iheritence law before the partition of indo pak, that if a person deceases and he leaves four daughters and one son, are daughters partner in heritence at that time

    • @Faizan
      All the laws of that era are now repealed or changed

      • Farah akmal says:

        Sir i also needed to ask that my grandfather, who happens to be my grand mothers brother, gave this property as a gift. Now im her only heir. And my father has passed away and mother remarried. He recently moved to pakistan and is now demanding the property to be given back to him however she wants to transfer it to me. Is there any way he can get possession of this property if she doesnt transfer it to him by herself? Or can he by any means go to the court for this and gain possession?

  216. Farah akmal says:

    My grandmother wants to transfer her property to me during the lifetime. As her husband( my grandfather) and her only son (my father) have both passed away. After my dads demise my mother remarried but im residing with my grand mother since birth. She has two siblings alive though. How should we go on with the procedure?

    • @Farah Akmal
      She can transfer any property to your name during her lifetime through gift
      if she dies after that property will be divided according to law
      so if person is alive he or she can transfer anything to anyone in shape of gift

  217. Asif majeed says:

    Assalam o alikum sir ,I really need your advice .actually my father has been passed away for one year ago .he left some property like 2 houses and one office .but my father owned name only one house and others one house and office is on my mother name.I want to know Kay mare Jo walida ki property in Kay name ha Jo Kay WO alive hain .mujhay es main say share mil sakta ha because maray sister and brother nhe chahtay Kay our na he mare walida dayna chahte ha .actually to maray walid sab ki hi kamae ha Jo un ke death Kay bad mujhay nhe day rahe kue Kay brain wash keya huwa ha mare walida ka. Please advice kejyay.

    • @Asif
      Your mother is legal owner of property and it is on her weather she give you something or not
      you can not claim it as right because actually it was your fathers
      after your mother it will be divided among all of you but in her life you cannot claim it and she can give to anyone of you

  218. my brother died in 2007 he was unmarried, he left agriculture land about 2 acre, what is the procedure
    to transfer the land. 2 brothers and two sister are alive.

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