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June 25, 2017

Sales Tax Act 1990 – PDF Download

Sales Tax Act 1990

Sales Tax Act 1990 is comprehensive piece of legislation that deals with all matters regarding sales tax. Its preamble says, An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the levy of tax on the sale (importation, exportation, production, manufacture or consumption of goods.

It is Federal Law which means it extends to whole of Pakistan. This act defines the “Provincial Sales Tax” as tax levied under, Provincial laws or laws relating to Islamabad Capital Territory, which are declared by the Federal Government, through notification in the official Gazette to be Provincial Sales Tax for the purpose of input tax.

Sales Tax Act 1990 defines the term “Sales Tax” as the tax, addition tax or default surcharge levied under this act or a fine, penalty or fee imposed or charged under this act and any other sum payable under the provision of this Act or the rules made.

It defines the term “taxable activity” as any economic activity carried on by a person whether or not for profit and also includes, an activity carried on in the form of a business, trade or manufacture, an activity that involves the supply of goods, the rendering or providing of services or both to another person, a one-off adventure or concern in the nature of a trade and anything done or undertaken during the commencement or termination of economic activity.

Sales Tax 1990 PDF Download

Here you can download the PDF copy of Sales Tax 1990 by clicking on the link given below. It is up to date copy of Sales Tax 1990.

Sales Tax Act 1990

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