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July 23, 2017

Rigix Side Effects

Rigix Side Effects

Rigix is an effective anti-allergic medicine. Although it is very useful but there are certain drawback and side-effects of Rigix. Side effects of Rigix tablet and Rigix syrup vary from patient to patient. Side effects also vary from one age group to other age group. Here we are only mentioning few side effects of Rigix Medicine which are given in the following lines;rigix syrup pic

  • Normally a person can feel dizziness, dry mouth, dry nose and dry throat after using this drug.
  • Headache is also a regular side effect of rigix.
  • A person’s stomach can be upset after using rigix in some cases.
  • Constipation or trouble in sleeping is also some common side effects of rigix.
  • Mental/mood changes like confusion and hallucinations are some serious side effects of rigix but they are rare.
  • Ringing in the ears, difficulty in urinating and vision changes are also some side effects of rigix.

You can read the complete article about Rigix Medicine, Tablets & Syrup, its composition, usages and price in Pakistan by clicking on the link given below.

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  1. Muhammad Sultan says:

    Asalam o Alykum

    Please can you update me of Rigix tablet for anti-allergic medicine can I get this in Dubai if yes please send me the contact if you can.


  2. Syed asad says:

    Can i give rijix syp to my 3+mnths baby for treatment of flu

  3. If we take 10 tablets at the time what is its reaction?

    • You will not die but i feel pathetic for such petsons who don’t thankful Allah for life to get rid of their fustrations and problems let me assure you that to commit suicide in islam is the biggest sin because you deems to be losing hope and belive in Allah and trying these please be happy and belive in.Allah

  4. Does consuming 10+ tablets at a time may cause death?
    Reply soon please!

    • @Ria
      Excess of everything is bad
      you need to consult your doctor before taking Rigix or any other medicine
      I personally think 10 plus tablets is big quantity and must not be taken

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