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March 31, 2015

Quratulain Hassan ARY News Wallpapers & Bio | Pakistani Newscaster

Quratulain Ary News/Hottest Newscaster in Pakistan
It is good to watch news bulletin from a talented newscaster but if newscaster is also beautiful one’s interest is further developed in the news. Check this out by yourself, sometimes when even don’t want to listen news and changing your TV channels you stop on some news channel because presence of some beautiful newscaster. You interest also develop in the news because of that hot newscaster.
Qurat ul Ain is also one of those beautiful newscasters which you can’t ignore even if you are not interested in news. Quratulain of ARY News is one of the most beautiful and hottest female newscasters not only in Pakistan but in the world. Her beautiful innocent face and perfect luscious body make her a really attractive woman. We have designed some high quality wallpaper of this hot Pakistani Newscaster.


  1. qurat ul ain is married or not i have worry. plz reply me.

  2. google khan says:

    sorry dear her is married…

  3. sajid ahmad khan says:

    Qurat ul ain and iqrar ul hassan one of the modern and lovely couple in the world not in pakistan

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