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May 1, 2017

PP-159 Lahore XXIII Punjab Provincial Assembly Seat Area Map & Population

PP 159 Lahore-XXIII/ PP-159 Pakistan
PP 159 is a constituency for the seat of Punjab’s Provincial Assembly for Lahore District. Lahore is Capital of Punjab Province and play main role in Provincial politics. Lahore District has largest number of seats in Provincial Assembly of Punjab. There are total 25 seats of Lahore in Provincial Assembly and PP-159 Lahore-23 is 23rd of these 25 seats.
This consistency consist of Kahna Town, some areas of Raiwind and Guru Mangat.

PP 159 Lahore 23

PP 159 Lahore XXIII Map

PP 159 Lahore-XXIII Important Localities & Areas

  • Guru Mangat
  • Kahna Nau
  • Lakheke
  • Jahman
  • Ladheke
  • Saraieh

PP 159 Lahore-XXIII Town Committees/ Municipal Committees/ Qanungo Halqas/ Tehsils/ Patwar Circles/ Census Charges

  • Kahna Town Committee

Heer Qanungo Halqa excluding following Patwar Circles;

  • Karbath
  • Ladher
  • Harpalke
  • Noorpur
  • Ghowing
  • Khana Qanungo Halqa excluding some Patwar Circles

Following Patwar Circles of Raiwind Qanungo Halqa;

  • Ghang Sharif
  • Ladhe Ke Nevian
  • Ledhe Ke Uch

PP 159 Lahore-XXIII Population Statistics

  • Male Voters – 77502
  • Female Voters- 63968
  • Total- 141470

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