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June 25, 2017

PML N Candidates for Punjab Provincial Assembly from Faisalabad | Elections 2013

PML N Punjab Provincial Assembly Candidates for Elections 2013 from Faisalabad
Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz Sharif) which is known as PML N is one of the major political parties in Pakistan. This faction of Muslim League (a party which founded Pakistan) is led by Nawaz Sharif who is seasoned Pakistani Politician.
Here in this post we are providing you the names of PML N ticket holders from Faisalabad District for Provincial Assembly. Followings are the candidates of PML N from Faisalabad District of Punjab for the Provincial Assembly of Punjab.

  1. PP 51 Faisalabad I             Azad Ali Tabbasum
  2. PP 52 Faisalabad II             Afzal Sahi
  3. PP 53 Faisalabad III             Iffat Maraj Awan
  4. PP 54 Faisalabad IV            Rai Haider Ali Khan s/o Salahuddin
  5. PP 55 Faisalabad V            Muhammad Shoaib Idrees
  6. PP 56 Faisalabad VI             Rai Ejaz Hussain Kharral
  7. PP 57 Faisalabad VII            Jaffar Ali Hoocha
  8. PP 58 Faisalabad VIII            Ch. Shahid Khalil Noor
  9. PP 59 Faisalabad IX            Arif Mehmood Gill
  10. PP 60 Faisalabad X            Rao Kashif Rahim Khan
  11. PP 61 Faisalabad XI            Pending
  12. PP 62 Faisalabad XII            Raza Nasrullah Ghuman
  13. PP 63 Faisalabad XIII            Muhammad Ajmal Asif
  14. PP 64 Faisalabad XIV            Kashif Nawaz Randhawa
  15. PP 65 Faisalabad XV            Haji Muhammad Illyas Ansari
  16. PP 66 Faisalabad XVI            Haji Khalid Saeed
  17. PP 67 Faisalabad XVII        Ch. Faqeer Hussain Dogar
  18. PP 68 Faisalabad XVIII        Sh. Ejaz Ahmed
  19. PP 69 Faisalabad XIX            Mian Tahir Jamal
  20. PP 70 Faisalabad XX            Rana Sanaullah Khan
  21. PP 71 Faisalabad XXI            Malik Muhammad Nawaz
  22. PP 72 Faisalabad XXII        Kh. Muhammad Islam

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