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June 25, 2017

PML N Candidates for National Assembly of Pakistan from Rahim Yar Khan in Elections 2013

PML N National Assembly Candidates for Elections 2013 from Rahim Yar Khan
Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz Sharif) which is known as PML N is one of the major political parties in Pakistan. This faction of Muslim League (a party which founded Pakistan) is led by Nawaz Sharif who is seasoned Pakistani Politician.
Here in this post we are providing you the names of PML N ticket holders from Rahim Yar Khan District for National Assembly. Followings are the candidates of PML N from Rahim Yar Khan District of Punjab for the National Assembly of Pakistan.

  1. NA 192 Rahim Yar Khan I        Makhdoom Syed Ahmed Alam Anwar
  2. NA 193 Rahim Yar Khan II        Sh. Fayyaz
  3. NA 194 Rahim Yar Khan III        Makhdoom Moeen ud Din Hashmi
  4. NA 195 Rahim Yar Khan IV        OPEN
  5. NA 196 Rahim Yar Khan V        Mian Imtiaz Ahmed

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