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June 28, 2017

Pakistan Penal Code 1860 PDF | Downlaod Updated PPC

Pakistan Penal Code 1860

Pakistan Penal Code or PPC is the Act which describes the offences and their punishments. It explains about all type of offences in Pakistan with their definitions and explanations along with their punishments. It is obligatory on all criminal courts in Pakistan to follow PPC and they cannot punish any offender against provisions of PPC. Pakistan Penal Code combines with Code of Criminal Procedure to provide complete procedure and regulations for the Criminal Courts in the Country.

Pakistan Penal Code and Indian Penal Code are the same, both designed by the Britishers. There are minor changes after independence but even today some sections are same as defined in original Penal Code. For example 302 is well known section which is used in cases of murder. After independence many changes are made in the PPC in order to meet the needs of modern times. This is very comprehensive law which completely described every offence and its punishment. Still there is need to make some changes in this old law. The real problems do not lie with the law itself, it lie with the implementation of law. PPC is comprehensive law but there is need of implementation of this law in true spirit in order to curb the crimes in society.

Pakistan Penal Code 1860 Compete PDF Download

Here you can download the Pakistan Penal Code 1860 which is in PDF format. Click on link below to download the PPC.

Pakistan Penal Code 1860

Code of Criminal Procedure Download

Code of Criminal Procedure  1898 is a procedural law which govern the criminal justice system in Pakistan. You can also download the free PDF copy of Cr.P.C. from the link given below.

Click here to download the Code of Criminal Procedure in PDF

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