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July 23, 2017

Offences Punishable by Death in Pakistan | Capital Offences

Offences Punishable with Death in Pakistan Penal Code

Following are the offences with Death penalty in PPC;

  • Waging or attempting to wage war or abetment of such offence u/s 121 PPC.
  • Abetment of mutiny, if committed in consequence of such abetment u/s 132 PPC.
  • Giving or fabricating false evidence and if as result an innocent person is convicted and executed u/s 194 PPC.
  • Use of derogatory remarks against Holy Prophet SAW u/s 295-C PPC.
  • Qatal-e-Amd or Murder u/s 302 PPC.
  • Assault or use of criminal force to woman and stripping her of her cloths in pubic u/s 354-A PPC.
  • Kidnapping or abducting person under age of 14 year u/s 364-A PPC.
  • Kidnapping or abduction for extorting property etc. u/s 365.A PPC
  • Kidnapping or abducting person in order to subject person to unnatural lust u/s 367-A PPC.
  • Rape u/s 376 PPC.
  • Murder in decoity u/s 396 PPC.
  • Hijacking u/s 402 PPC. (Now a schedule offence under Anti-Terrorism Act)

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