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February 23, 2017

NA 51 Rawalpindi-II Pakistan National Assembly Seat Map & Info

NA 51 Rawalpindi-II / NA 51 Pakistan
NA 51 is constituency for the seat of Pakistan’s National Assembly. It is also known as NA 51 Rawalpindi-II. There are total seven National Assembly seats in Rawalpindi and NA 51 is second of these seven seats from Rawalpindi District of Punjab Province.
The area of this constituency consists of Gujjar Khan Tehsil of Pindi District. Localities of this constituency include Mandra, Jhangal, Daultala, Sukho, Gujar Khan, Guliana, Kuntrilla, Sayid Kasran, Qazian and Kangar. These areas are near the bank of river Jehlem.
Total population of NA 51 is 494010 with 173781 males and 171573 females.
NA 51 consists of following major Tehsils/areas of Rawalpindi;

  • Gujar Khan Tehsil
  • Mandra
  • Jhangal
  • Daultala
  • Sukho
  • Guliana
  • Kuntrilla
  • Sayid Kasran
  • Qazian
  • Kangar
NA 51 Rawalpindi map

NA 51 Rawalpindi

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