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June 25, 2017

NA 255 Karachi XVII National Assembly Seat | Constituency Electoral Map

NA 255 Karachi-XVII / NA-255 Pakistan
NA 255 is a constituency for the seat of Pakistan’s National Assembly from Karachi. Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan and it sends more representatives to the National Assembly of Pakistan than any other city of country. There are total 20 National Assembly seats of Karachi from NA 239 to NA 258. NA 255 is also known as NA-255 Karachi-XVII and it is the seventeenth of total 20 constituencies of Karachi for National Assembly.
Population Statistics of NA 255 Karachi

  • Population-515516
  • Male -137883
  • Female-108114
  • Total-245997
NA 255 Karachi  map

NA 255 Karachi XVII Map

NA 255 Karachi-XVII Localities/Areas
Following charges of Karachi City District (Old Karachi East) are included in NA 255;

  • Charge No.23
  • Charge No.24
  • Charge No.25
  • Charge No.26
  • Charge No.27
  • Charge No.28
  • Charge No.29
  • Charge No.30
  • Charge No.31
  • Charge No.32

Following Charges of Karachi City District (Old Malir) are also included in this constituency;

  • Charge No.9
  • Charge No.10
  • Charge No.11

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