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June 24, 2017

NA 148 Multan-I Pakistan National Assembly Seat Electoral Map

NA 148 Multan-I / NA-148 Pakistan
NA 148 is a constituency for the seat of Pakistan’s National Assembly from Multan District. Multan District is very important in Southern Punjab politics and there are total 6 National Assembly Seats of Multan. NA 148 is also known as NA-148 Multan-I and it is the first of total 6 seats from District Multan of Punjab Province.
Important localities of this constituency are Qadirpurr Ran, Luthal, Islampure, Dograna, Jalalabad, Makhdoom Rashid, Biliwala, Gulzarpure, Chak 2MR, Chak 8MR, Chak 10MR and Chak 18MR. This constituency is among the largest constituencies of Multan City.
Population Statistics of NA 148

  • Population-521416
  • Male -150176
  • Female-133850
  • Total-284026

NA 148 Multan-I mainly consists of following areas/localities;

  • Qadirpur Ran Town Committtee
  • Makhdoom Rasheed Town Committee
  • Multan Shehr Qanungo Halqa
  • Jall
  • Tatepure
  • Makhdoom Rashid
  • Patwar Circles of Qadirpur Ran
  • Billiwala
  • Kotla Rahim Ali
  • Patwar Circle of Mzaffarabad Qanungo Halqa


NA 148 Multan map

NA 148 Multan


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