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June 25, 2017

NA 123 Lahore-VI National Assembly Seat of Lahore

NA 123 Pakistan/ NA 123 Lahore-VI
NA 123 is constituency for the seat of Pakistan’s National Assembly. It is also known as NA 123 Lahore-VI and sixth of total 13 National Assembly seats from District Lahore of Punjab Province. The area of constituency includes localities near Ravi River of Lahore City.
Total population of NA 123 is 493942 with 142623 males and 120674 females.
NA 123 consists of total 6 charges of Lahore Municipal Corporation City District Lahore as given below;

  1. Charge No.16
  2. Charge No.17
  3. Charge No.19
  4. Charge No.20
  5. Charge No.21
  6. Charge No.28


NA 123 Lahore 6 map

NA 123 Lahore


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