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June 25, 2017

NA-106 Gujrat III National Assembly Constituency Area Map & Information

NA 106 Gujrat-III/ NA-106 Pakistan
NA 106 is a constituency for the seat of Pakistan’s National Assembly from Gujrat District. Gujrat is situated between two famous rivers of Pakistan i.e. Jhelum and Chenab and an agricultural city of Punjab. Gujrat is also known as the City of King Porus due to its historical background. There are total 4 seats of Gujrat District in National Assembly of Pakistan. NA-104 to NA-107, are the four constituencies of Gujrat District for Majlis-e-Shura of Pakistan.

NA 106 Gujrat 3

NA 106 Gujrat III

This constituency includes important localities of Lala Musa, Dinga Town and Kharian Cantt.
NA 106 Gujrat-III Important Localities & Areas

  • Panjan
  • Khori
  • Randhir
  • Tahar
  • Attowala
  • Dhuni
  • Barnali Mughlianwali
  • Bashna
  • Lala Musa
  • Kharian Cantt
  • Marala
  • Begha
  • Barwal
  • Nandowa
  • Bahddar
  • Buzurgwal
  • Karariwala
  • Bajarwala
  • Dinga
  • Jalarabad
  • Jaurah
  • Karnana
  • Chanu Bhoja
  • Saprah
  • Bhalot
  • Musa
  • Sikariali
  • Waraichanwala
  • Khoja
  • Tapiala
  • Bagrianwala
  • Sikariali
  • Chakori Bhelowal
  • Sadhoke
  • Machniana
  • Jagrianwala
  • Adhowal
  • Saprah

NA 106 Gujrat-III Census Charges/Town Committees/Qanungo Halqas/Patwar Circles

  • Lala Musa Municipality
  • Dinga Town Committee

Following Qanungo Halqas of Kharian Tehsil;

  • Jaura
  • Dinga
  • Lala Musa
  • Deona Qanungo Halqa of Gujrat Tehsil excluding some Patwar Circles
  • Bhaddar Patwar Circle of Sabour Qanungo Halqa of Kharian Tehsil

NA 106 Gujrat-III Population Statistics

  • Population-523836
  • Male -165495
  • Female-154252
  • Total-319747



  1. ch.Zubair says:

    I want to add some area detail of NA106 constituency,
    KARNANA is an ancient and biggest town or village in NA106 constituency after Lalamusa and Dinga city.Karnana is headquarter of biggest Union council Karnana of Tehsil Kharian area and population wise.Union Council Karnana consists of 10-12 large and small villages.Karnana has big patwar circle even some villages of other union councils.
    So after Lalamusa and Dinga,Karnana is very impartant in NA106 in victory or failure of any Party in election 2013.

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