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June 25, 2017

Mangla Dam AJK Tourist Attraction | Pictures & Information

Mangla Dam

Mangla Dam is among the largest dams in the world and situated in Mirpur District of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is located on the river Jhelum and constructed in 1967. This dam is not only used for as water reservoir but also as Hydro power generator. Mangla Lake is beautiful lake with total water storage capacity of 9.12 km square.

Mangla Lake as Tourist Attraction

This beautiful lake has perfect attraction for tourists. You can sit on the bank of this lake and feel the cold wind. It makes you feel that you are sitting on some sea side because strong wind also generates sea like waves in Mangla Lake.

Army Water Sports Club Mangla

The best place to visit is AWSC Mangla because not only due to its scenic beauty but also due to boating facility. You can travel on large motor boat which has capacity of almost 30 persons. But if you are looking for adventure and more fascination you should try speed boat. It can only take 6 passengers at time but due to its amazing speed you will feel an experience of your life.

Mangla Lake Latest Tour and Pictures

Following are the latest pictures of this beautiful lake which were taken during my recent visit to Mangla Lake.

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