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June 25, 2017

Madiha Naqvi Morning Show Doodh Patti Aur Khabar

Madiha Naqvi Morning Show

Doodh Patei Aur Khabar is the morning show of Madiha Naqvi which you can watch on GEO Tezz every morning. The morning show is all about beautiful and sizzling Madiha Naqvi. In the show you can have talk with astrologist and other famous personalities.

Many people only watch that morning show due to presence of Madiha Naqvi who is one of the hottest women in Pakistan. It is really delight to watch that gorgeous woman in beautiful dresses and styles. Doodh Pati Aur Khabar timing starts at 10 A.M. on GEO Tezz.

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Madiha Naqvi Morning Show

Madiha Naqvi Morning Show Episodes Videos

Here in the following link you can watch all the videos and previous episodes of Doodh Pati Aur Khabar.

Click here to watch the videos of Doodh Patti Aur Khabar.


  1. yea too cute she looks

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