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July 23, 2017

Kinds of Qatl (Murder) in Pakistan Penal Code & Punishments

Qatl & its kinds

There are four kinds of qatal

1-Qatl-i-Amd – 302

  • Intention of causing death
  • Intention of causing bodily injury
  • An act which in ordinary course likely to cause death

Punishment u/s 302;

  • Death as qisas
  • Death, IOL as tazir
  • 25 year as tazir

2-Qatl Shibh-i-amd – 315

  • Intention of causing harm
  • By weapon or an act
  • Ordinary course not likely to cause death

Punishment u/s 316; liable to diyat, 25 year as tazir

3-Qatl-i-Khata – 318

  • No intention of causing death or harm
  • Mistake of fact
  • Mistake of act

Punishment u/s 319; diyat, where rash and negligent act up to 5 year addition to diyat

Punishment for Qatl i- Khata by reash or negligent driving; diyat, 10 year

4-Qatl bis Sabab – 321

  • No intention to cause death or harm
  • Some unlawful act which become cause of death

Punishment; diyat

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