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July 27, 2017

Kidney Failure Disease in Pakistan

Kidney Failure Disease in Pakistan

End Stage Renal Disease which is commonly known as ESRD or Kidney failure is last stage of chronic kidney disease. It means that kidneys of patient have stopped working and he needs kidney transplant or dialysis for survival. Kidney Failure disease in Pakistan is increasing with threatening pace.

According to a recent study, around 20000 new patients of ESRD are emerging each year in Pakistan. The thousands of new patients are added every year with an alarming speed. Around 50 percent of those who develop ESRD, is due to some other health problem most importantly diseases like Diabetes. Many doctors’ believes that diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney stones are major reasons of this chronic disease.

Worldwide every 10th person has some sort of kidney problem and 100 persons per million populations develop kidney failure (ERSD) each year. In Pakistan the situation is worst as there are approximately 20 million kidney patients out of population of 200 million. The reason behind this alarming number of kidney patients is the poor health facilities and hygiene facilities in Pakistan.

Diabetes and Kidney Failure

ESRD or kidney failure is closely associated with diabetes. Diabetes is the most common cause of Kidney Failure not only in the world but also in Pakistan. Around 6 to 7 percent of Pakistan’s population turns diabetic every year and this figure is increasing rapidly.

High Blood Pressure and Kidney Failure

Another most important cause of kidney failure is high blood pressure. According to an estimate around 26 percent adult population of Pakistan have High Blood Pressure and the numbers are increasing rapidly. Most important thing is that majority of these patients even don’t known about their disease or treats it casually.

Another major reason of kidney failure is inflammation of kidney. Most of time it is due to simple throat or skin infection that inflammation of kidneys occurs.

Treatment of Kidney Failure

The treatment of ESRD is very expensive. Once developed, patient needs transplantation of kidney or dialysis on regular basis. Dialysis cost about 30 to 40 thousand rupees a month for lifetime.

How to Protect Yourself from Kidney Disease or ESRD

  • Avoid high-fat or high cholesterol diet
  • Avoid high-sodium foods
  • Avoid excessive proteins especially animal meat
  • Maintain healthy amount of potassium in your body

World Kidney Day is global awareness campaign about important of kidneys and observed annually on second Thursday of March.

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