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June 24, 2017

Important Urdu Essay Topics for CSS, PMS & Competitive Exams

Important Urdu Essays for PMS, Tehsildar Paper and other Competitive Exams.
Urdu is not only our national language but compulsory subject in most of the competitive exams. In PMS and other PPSC exams Urdu is an important subject. Urdu essay is requires special skills in writing that have been already discussed in our previous articles. Although there are various topics to write to an essay on but the important essay in the context of competitive exams are compiled for the ease of candidates. Following are the important essays which are expected in PMS and Tehsildar Exams.

  1. Muslim Ummat ka zawal aur uska sud-e-bab, muslim ummat ka mazi haal mustaqbil.
  2. Atmi taaqat aur hmari zimadarian.
  3. Dhshatgardi, iska sud-e-bab aur is k nataij.
  4. Dhshatgardi, aik aalmi masla
  5. Shafat, iska qirdar aur hmari zimadarian.
  6. Zra-e-iblagh aur iski azadi
  7. Arat ka muqam( deen or duniya main)
  8. Iqbal, inka maqam shairi main, in k nazariat, inka nazaria jamhoriat.
  9. Scence aur mzhab, science k faiday aur nuqsanat.
  10. Hmara nizam-e-taleem


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