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April 17, 2014

Important English Essays for CSS, PMS & Competitive Exams

Important English Essays for PMS, Tehsildar and other competitive exams.
English essay paper has been giving tough time to various candidates since many years. However this paper is quite tactical and candidates need to practice few important essays in order to pass this exam. The method of writing English essay is already discussed where as for the comfort of students some important essays are given below.
Following are the important essays for PMS, Tehsildar and other competitive exams.

  • Democracy, its impact on society, reason of its failure.
  • Terrorism, causes and its consequences.
  • Status of women in Islam and society
  • Role of media, its responsibility and its effects on society
  • Federalism, provincial autonomy, separate provinces, in 18th amendment provinces are the sole beneficiaries.
  • Political system of Pakistan.
  • Global warming and 2012.
  • UNO and Millennium development goals.
  • Water crisis, a reason of third world war.
  • Nuclear race in the world and Iran.
  • WTO and free trade.


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