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June 25, 2017

How to Write Urdu Essay | For Students of Competitive Exams

How to write Urdu Essay? (For all competitive exams)
Writing an Urdu essay seems difficult to many candidates but it is not at all difficult.
In PMS Urdu Essay is included in Urdu compulsory paper and it comprises of 40 marks. In the exam of Tehsildar, it is of 50 marks. No matter how many marks it is comprised of, you can write it in a best way by following the tips given below. Following are the tips to write an essay worth reading.
You would be given options between different topics to write an essay on. Read all topics carefully and select the one about which you are sure that you have sufficient knowledge.
Let’s suppose that you have chosen an essay,”Sahafat aur hmari zimadarian”.
Now you have to draw a rough sketch of all the points that are in your mind on rough sheet.
Jolt down all points in a sequence.
Important tip: Essay is just like a body with head, abdomen and legs and you have to draw this drawing beautifully.
Head of the Urdu Essay
This is an opening paragraph and it should be free of mistakes. Moreover the words used in it must be eye catching. This paragraph is the theme statement of the essay and must reflects the main idea of the statement.
Abdomen of Urdu Essay
In this part of the essay you will discuss all the points but in a sequence

  •  Write down the facts and figures about Sahafat.
  •   Explore the role played by Sahafat on national, international and local level.
  •   Discuss the causes, remedies and effects of “ azad-e-sahafat”
  •   Put quotations, couplets, examples, hadith, ayats etc where needed.
  •   You can handle this topic globally by discussing the role played by Bain ul aqwami Sahafat against Muslims and Islam and in this context what should be done by Qomi sahafat?
  •   Disclose another side of this topic by discussing the importance of local sahafat in bridging the gap between the provinces.

Lower part of Urdu Essay or conclusion.
In this part you will conclude all your efforts that were generated in the whole essay. Your end should be positive and hopeful. Either you are finding a way or not to any problem but you are not suppose to show yourself a pessimist person.


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