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June 25, 2017

How to Register Land in Sindh Pakistan

How to Register Land in Sindh Pakistan

If you have recently purchased a property, you will have to go to the sub-registrar branch of the concerned authority i.e. DHA, KDA, LDA with the previous owner to register it in your name. this process can sometimes be a challenge, since you have to have several documents on hand when you do so. How to register land in Sindh Pakistan? You can find the answer of this question in following lines. You need following documents to register property in you name in Province of Sindh, Pakistan;

  • The Title Deed
  • The Sale Deed (A case decree must be attached if the property’s ownership has been disputed)
  • Copies of you CNIC and passport-sized photographs, as well as those of the previous owner
  • A Mutation Certificate, issued by a land owning authority, such as the DHA, KDA or LDA. This certificate provides details about the property, such as its current registration status, previous owner’s name and pending dues (If any).
  • If the property has been purchased via a bank loan, then a permission letter is required from the band to verify that the loan has been provided.
  • If the loan has been paid in full, an NOC from the band is required; two representatives from the bank should be present at the time of registering the property in this case.
  • A Trust Deed NOC from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required id the property has been purchased to construct a religious building.
  • An NOC from the Home Department is required if the new or previous owner is a foreigner.
  • Receipts that prove that relevant taxes have been paid. These include advance ta, town tax, gain tax, capital gain tax and stamp duty.
  • Remember, register fees have to be paid at the time of registration and usually amount to one percent of the property value and varies according to the type of property and the area where it is located.

To calculate the Registration Fees, log onto the sindhzameen.gos.pk.


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