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July 27, 2017

Hindi-Urdu Controversy 1867 – Pakistan History MCQS

Hindi-Urdu Controversy

Followings are some important points to remember about Hindi-Urdu Controversy which are often repeated in different exams in shape of MCQS.

  • Urdu language is 400 years old.
  • Another name of Urdu language is “Lashkari”.
  • Sir Syed Ahamd Khan rendered valuable services for development of Urdu Language.
  • Farhang-i-Asfia is authentic Urdu Dictionary which contains 54014 words.
  • Banaras Institute was established in 1861.
  • Banaras Institute was established against the Urdu Language.
  • In 1832, Urdu was introduced as official language in subcontinent by British Govt.
  • Hindi-Urdu controversy was started in 1867.
  • Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was the first person to adopt measures for protection of Urdu Language.
  • Sir Syed established “Central Association” at Allahabad.
  • George Campbell ordered that Urdu should be scrapped from the syllabus books in 1871.
  • George Campbell was the Governor of Bengal.
  • In 1900, Anthony MacDonald issued orders that Hindi should be used as official language.
  • Anthony Macdonald was the Governor of United Province (UP).
  • Urdu Defense Society was established to protect the Urdu Language.
  • “Anjuman I Tarakki Urdu” was set up by Maulvi Abdul Haq at Aligarh in 1903.
  • In 1917, Gandhi declared that Hindi was the only language capable of becoming the national language.

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