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June 25, 2017

Foreign Policy of Pakistan | Issues, Challenges, Suggestions

Foreign Policy of Pakistan
Strategically located at the mouth of the most frequent and trade route of Persian Gulf and opening to the Indian Ocean, surrounded by the most talked and front line states like India in the east, China in the north, Iran in the west and Afghanistan in the north-west, Pakistan covered a glaring geo strategic position in South Asia.
The foreign policy of Pakistan kept on changing, moving from pro west to anti west. Pakistan was created during cold war era and this was the reason Pakistan tilted towards U.S.A. But the equation kept on changing and Pakistan had been shifting from the warm basket of friendship of America to the wintry isolation.
Present Concerns Of Pakistan In Foreign Policy.

  1.     To balance National Interest with public sentiments
  2.     To have strategic pragmatism in ties with China
  3.     To have defined peace with India
  4.     Adopting an external agenda specially driven by economic interests.

Constants In Foreign policy.
Although there are no constants in foreign policy as it is rightly said that there are no permanent friends and foes in international relations, yet Pakistan have some constants in her foreign policy. In this fast changing and globalized word the role and the relation of Pakistan in the Muslim World and her ties with China are static.
In the beginning the foreign policy of Pakistan was revolving around only one issue and that was fear of India’s hegemony. Now the sole issue which has dominated Pakistan foreign policy is of terrorism
Core Issues of Foreign Policy Of Pakistan.

  1.     New approach towards U.S.A
  2.     Improving State’s ties with Iran and Afghanistan
  3.     Productive role in the Muslim World

Comprehensive Approach and suggestions to make foreign policy strong.

  1.     Emphasize on economic and political initiatives
  2.     Less importance to terrorism
  3.     No use of military force against the citizens of Pakistan
  4.     Use of force should be the last resort
  5.     Foreign policy should not collide with the national and domestic interests of the state
  6.     Other core areas of foreign policy should be considered properly

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