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July 23, 2017

Famous Islands in the World | Important MCQS Questions

 Famous Islands in the World

Followings islands are commonly questioned in many competitive exams in Pakistan.

  • St. Helena is in Atlantic Ocean.
    Largest island in Indian Ocean is Madagascar.
    • Sumatra is an island in Indonesia.
    The largest island in the world Greenland is located in North America.
    • Greenland is geographically in America but politically in Europe.
    • Kalaalit Nunaat (Greenland) Island (Denmark), the largest island is in North Atlantic
    • New Guinea is world’s second largest island.
    • Virgin Island is a group of 100 Island in W.Indies.
    • Canary Island is in Spain.
    • The largest Island in the Mediterranean Sea is Sicily.
    • Malaqasv (Madagascar) is in Indian Ocean.
    • Baffin is in North Atlantic Ocean (Canadian).
    • Sumatra is in Northest Indian Ocean (Indonesia).
    • New Zealand is in South Pacific Ocean.
    • Borneo Island is in Pacific Ocean.
    • Honshu Island is in North West Pacific.
    • Great Britain Island is in North Atlantic.
    • Victoria Island is in Arctic Ocean.
    • Baffin Island is in Atlantic Ocean.
    • Ellesmere Island is in Arctic Ocean.
    • Galapagos Islands are in Pacific Ocean.
    • Indonesia consists of 17,508– 18,306 islandsislands.
  • World’s largest Delta is Sunderlands (India).
    • Paracel Islands are of…. china vs Vietnam
    • Which country owns the Hen and Chicken islands: North island New Zealand
    • Indian city Mumbai consists of seven islands.
    • The famous Island located at the mouth of the Hudson river is Manhattan
    • Sugar Island is the located at the confluence of Ganga and the Bay of Bengal.
    • Cathy Pacific is an island.



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