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July 23, 2017

Electronic Transaction Ordinance 2002 – Free PDF Download

Electronic Transection Ordinance 2002

In Pakistan Cyber Crimes are on the rise and there is dire need of comprehensive piece of legislation to curb the Cyber Crimes. Electronic Transactions Ordinance 2002 is promulgated in 2002 with purpose to punish those who are involved in Cyber Crimes. It is federal statute and extends to whole Pakistan.

Purpose of this Ordinance is to recognize and facilitate documents, records, information, communications and transactions in electronic form, and to provide for the accreditation of certification service provider.

Although it provides punishments for different online crimes yet there are many loop holes in this Ordinance and there is an urgent need to update it. The moods and methods of cyber-crimes in Pakistan are rapidly changing and more comprehensive laws regarding these crimes are necessary.

Here in the following link you can download the PDF copy of Electronic Transection Ordinance 2002.

Electronic Transection Ordinance 2002


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