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July 23, 2017

Duties and Responsibilities of Police in Pakistan

Duties of Police in Pakistan

Police is for the protection of people and they have many responsibilities and duties towards Public. Police Order 2002 is very good piece of legislation which needs to be implemented with letter and spirit. In Police Order 2002 followings are the duties of Police towards general public.

Attitude and responsibilities of Police towards the public

  • Behave with the members of the public with due decorum and courtesy.
  • Promote amity.
  • Guide and assist members of the public particularly the poor, disabled or physically weak and children who are either lost or find themselves helpless on the streets or other public places.
  • Aid individuals who are in danger of physical harm particularly women and children.

Duties of Police

  • To protect life, liberty and property of citizens.
  • Preserve and promote public peace.
  • Ensure that the rights and privileges, under the law, of a person taken in custody are protected.
  • Prevent the commission of offences and public nuisance.
  • Collect and communicate intelligence affecting public peace and crime in general.
  • Keep order and prevent obstruction on public roads and in the public streets and thoroughfares at fairs and all other places of public resort and in the neighborhood of and at the places of public worship.
  • Regulate and control traffic on public roads and streets.
  • Take charge of an unclaimed property and to prepare its inventory.
  • Detect and bring offenders to justice.
  • Apprehended all persons whom he is legally authorized o apprehend and for whose apprehension, sufficient grounds exist.
  • Ensure that the information about the arrest of a person is promptly communicated to a person of his choice.
  • Enter and inspect without a warrant on reliable information any public place, shop or gaming house where alcoholic drinks or narcotics are sold or weapons and illegally stored and other public places of resort of loose and disorderly character.
  • Obey and promptly execute all lawful orders.
  • Preform other duties and exercise powers as are conferred by this order, the code or any other law for the time being in force.
  • Aid and co-operate with other agencies for the prevention of destruction of public property by violence, fire or natural calamities.
  • Assist in preventing members of public from exploitation by any person or organized groups.
  • Take charge of lunatics at large to prevent them from causing harm to themselves or other members of the public and their property.
  • Prevent harassment of women and children in public places.

Role of Police in Road Accidents

Police officer shall make every effort to afford relief to people in distress situations, particularly in respect of women and children and to provide assistance to victims of road accidents and assist accident victims or their heirs or their dependents, where applicable with such information and documents as would facilitate their compensation claims and cause awareness among the victims of road accidents of their rights and privileges.


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    duties regarding courts etc

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