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July 23, 2017

Defamation Laws in Pakistan | Punishment in PPC


Followings are ingredients of defamation u/s 499 PPC

  1. by words, signs or visible representation
  2. marks or publish any imputation
  3. intended to harm the reputation of any person


  • imputation about deceased person which hurt the feelings of his family
  • imputation concerning company
  • imputation made ironically or alternative
  • imputation must lower the morale, credit or respect of person

Exceptions of Defamation

Followings are the 10 exceptions of defamation

  • imputation of truth in public good
  • public conduct of public servant
  • conduct of person touching public question
  • merits of public performance
  • publishing the reports or proceedings of court of law
  • merits of case in court of law
  • censure of person having authority over another (master and servant)
  • accusation to authorized person i.e. person having authority (accusation to master of servant)
  • imputation for protecting the interest of other
  • to caution other person against some loss

Punishment of defamation u/s 500 PPC

  • may extend to 2 year or fine or both
  • originator of defamatory imputation may extend to 5 year or fine minimum 100,000/- or both

Offence is bailable, non-cognizable and compoundable

Trial of offences by court of Sessions and must decide within period of 90 days – 502A

Printing or engraving matter known to be defamatory; Punishment up to 2 year or fine or both – 501

Sale of printed or engraved substance containing defamatory material; Punishment up to 2 year


  1. Thanks for guide ….

  2. Please tell me about sybercrime act or defamation act ? Facebook parr jo pictures kisi ki upload karrey with dirty language aur defame karrey us ki punishment aur trial kaisey chaley gaa.plzzzzzz

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