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June 27, 2017

Competitive Exams in Pakistan | Guideline for CSS, PMS & Others

The youth of Pakistan is striving to get good designation in government departments of Pakistan. There is a defined process to get direct access to government jobs and it is hailed as competitive examination of Pakistan. Competitive exams of Pakistan are held on Federal level as well as Provincial level. At provincial level, each province is responsible to hold its provincial competitive exams.
Only the candidate with the domicile of that province can appear in the exams of that province. The candidate with the domicile of Islamabad (Federal Capital) cannot appear in provincial exams. Likewise there many other questions which candidates and aspirants for government jobs want to ask but they have no direct access to any source of information.  We have started a new online help system to provide guide line to candidates of any competitive exams. We will not only provide them preparation tips of exams but will try our level best to answer their queries. Moreover this platform is not specified for particular exams as any student who has applied for any competitive exam can take benefit from our services.
CSS, PMS, Tehsildar, Assistant Director Land Records, Assistant Registrar Cooperative Society, Information Officer, Lectureship, A.D.P.P, civil judiciary and many other exams that are being announced from time to time by any Governmental Organization. In addition you can get guide line of every subject of every competitive exam.
The aim of this website is to provide free helpline to those who cannot afford academies and even after joining academies are not satisfied with their preparation.


  1. A.A i want to get best job in gorvment job kindly help me what should i do i mean what is best for me in this exams i did graduation in arts

  2. is there any option for psychology students in PMS?

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