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July 23, 2017

Cheating & Forgery in Pakistan Penal Code (PPC)

Cheating – 420

  • Deceiving any person
  • Induce to deliver any property
  • Make, alter, destroy valuable security
  • Punishment of cheating; up to 1 year – 417
  • Cheating by personation; up to 7 year – 419

Cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property – 420

  • Cheats
  • Dishonestly induces the person to deliver any property
  • Make, alter or destroy any valuable security

Punishment up to 7 year under section 420

Forgery – 463

  • Make any false document
  • Intention to cause damage or injury
  • Intention to claim or support any title

Making a false document – 464

  • Dishonestly or fraudulently makes, sign, seals or execute any document
  • Without lawful authority alter or cancel any document
  • Dishonestly causes any person to sign anything etc.

Punishment of forgery; up to 2 year – 465

Forgery for purpose of cheating – 468

  • Committing of forgery
  • Intention is to use the document forged for purpose of cheating

Punishment up to 7 year u/s 468

Using as genuine a forged document – 471

Fraudulently or dishonestly uses as genuine any document punished as if he has forged such document


  1. Hi
    There is one Pakistani guy who cheated me emotionally with physically and financially
    Could u pls asvise if he can get punishment or i can file case against him?

    • @Shabnum
      Yes you can file complaint against him in police station

      • Police ? Which police ? There is only tulla’s in our country’s police station and all of them r there just to making money nothng else . and i honestly want to say every police officer is our country is just to showoff that we have police . yes if u have 20 thousand in ur pocket then u r real victim but if u dnt have money so u know want i am trying to say.

  2. Majid Essa Ali says:

    We three friends were partner in a business. Though we did not inked a formal agreement among us. Initially one of our partners paid our share for some months but after some time he stopped doing so. After months without issuing a notice he terminated both of us. He is believed to earn millions out of it and started a business of his own. He left Pakistan. Can you kindly suggest me any option?

    • @Essa Ali
      You can lodge FIR against that person and you can also start civil proceedings against the person

  3. Ch. Muhammad Riaz says:


    My ex-wife prepared / executed rent deed on fake stamp paper with my tenant and its uncertified copy is produced in Rent Tribunal – who has refused tenancy with me. She has no authority or ownership of the property and is divorced before executing this document for the tenure of 2 years. It has also not been registered with Rent Tribunal or under Registration Act. This rent deed alongwith rent receipts written on plan paper chits are produced by the tenant in ejectment petition and Rent Controller has admitted these photocopies as proof of tenancy with other person i.e. my ex-wife.

    Application under s 476 Crpc moved with Rent Controller has been dismissed with direction to go to proper forum.

    Police did not entertain my application as civil litigation is pending between me and my ex-wife,

    What action is available with me.

    • @M Riaz
      there is no bar to criminal proceedings where civil litigation is also present
      You need to file petition under 22-A of CrPC to get order for the registration of FIR

  4. Ch. Muhammad Riaz says:

    Thanks and personal regards.

  5. naeem khan usafzi says:

    All politicians r involvd under this act. Wapda and other deptts which telling regularly to us

  6. AYESHA KHAN says:

    Salam. My cousin deceived me and I filed 2 FIR against him and he is charged against 420 PPC. If he get punishment, then will it be double? as he gave me 2 cheques through his partner and those cheques were bounced.. The second FIR is the outcome of first FIR. His partner is charged against 489 F as cheques of his signatures though the main criminal is my cousin…kindly share that either he will punish for seven years or 14 years and what is the amount of fine as I heard that there is fine too.. Regards

    • @Ayesha khan
      In your case he can only be punished once and that is maximum seven year
      one more thing which you should be clear in mind is that no court will award full punishment of seven year and it will be way less depends upon the case proceedings

      • AYESHA KHAN says:

        OK Thanks..if punishment is for 7 years then it can decreases to 3 years or less than it??? at least he will be punished and his partner too.. i read in newspaper that an accused is punished for 3 years in 489-F and punishment for that offence is also 3 years. Regards

  7. Syed Tahir Ali says:

    Jis bhai KO bhi qanoon k baray main maloomat ho mujhy acha qanooni mashwara day

  8. Kamran Kazmi says:

    one person filed a case against me using a fake Cheque Return Memo.During Cross Examination he admitted that the cheque issued to him was a Cross Cheque and that he does not have any account in any bank. The court acquitted me from the charge under 489-F. Now how can I get this person punished by the court. Please guide.

    Prof. Kamran Kazmi
    Head of English Department
    Jinnah Government College
    Cell No.)3337586276.

    • @Kamran Kazmi
      You can initiate the proceedings u/s 182 CrPC against that person
      now punishment of this section is increased

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