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June 27, 2017

Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan, Offences against Religion in Pakistan

Blasphemy laws in Pakistan/ Offences related to religion in Pakistan
Followings are the related sections of PPC which describes the offenses and their punishments for religious offences in Pakistan.

Section 295 PPC

  • Injuring or defiling place of worship with intend to insult the religion of any class, or when someone destroy, damages, defies place of worship or any object.
  • Punishment may extend to 2 years of imprisonment or fine or both.

Section 295 A

  • Deliberate or malicious act intended to outrage religious feeling of any class by insulting its religion or religious belief.
  • Punishment may extend to 10 years or fine or both.

Section 295 B

  • When someone defile, damages or desecrates the copy of Holy Quran
  • Punishment may extend to imprisonment of life

Section 295 C

  • Use of derogatory remarks etc. In respect of Holy Prophet (PBUH)
  • Punishment of Death or Imprisonment of life
  • In this law statement of only one witness is sufficient but witness must possess the qualities and test of Tazki u shahod.

Section 296

  • Disturbing religious assemble
  • Punishment may extend to 1 year or fine or both

Section 297

  • Trespassing on burial places etc. and indignity to human corpse
  • Punishment may extend to 1 year or fine or both

Section 298 A

  • Use of derogatory remarks in respect of holy personage which incudes;
  • Ummul momineen (wives of Holy Prophet (PBUH))
  • Alhe Bait (descendent of Holy Prophet PBUH)
  • Khulfa-e-Rashidin (First Four Pious Caliphs of Muslims)
  • Sahabas (Companion of Holy Prophet PBUH)
  • Punishment may extend to 3 year or fine or both

Section 298 B
Misuse of epithets, descriptions and titles etc. reserved for certain holy personage or places


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