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June 25, 2017

Arrest Without Warrant Definition, When Lawful & Laws in Pakistan

Arrest without Warrant
Section 54 of Criminal Procedure Code deal with procedure about “arrest without warrant”. Arrest may be affected with or without warrant. Schedule 2, column 2 of Cr.P.C. specifies the cases in which arrest may be made without warrant. Any police officer may without an order of magistrate and without warrant arrest in following nine cases;

  1. Person concerned in any cognizable offence or against whom a reasonable complaint, credible information or reasonable suspicion for cognizable offence.
  2. Person in possession of implement of house-breaking
  3. Proclaimed offender
  4. Person in possession of stolen property
  5. Person obstructing police officer
  6. Deserter from armed forces
  7. Person apprehended under extradition law/concerned in offence committed outside Pakistan
  8. Released convict committing break of any rule under section 565 (3) of Cr.P.C.
  9. Person for whose arrest a requisition has received from another police officer

Arrest by Officer in charge of Police Station under section 55 of Cr.P.C
An officer in charge of police station may in like manner arrest or cause to be arrested;

  • Person trying to conceal himself
  • Person who ahs ostensible means of subsistence
  • Habitual offender, habitual robber, house breaker, thief or who commits extortion

Arrest by private person under section 59 Cr.P.C

  • Any private person may arrest any person who;
  • Committed non-bailable offence
  • Proclaimed offender

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