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July 23, 2017

Abetment in Criminal Law & Pakistan Penal Code


Abetment of a thing u/s 109

  • Someone instigate any person to do that thing
  • Engage with one of more person
  • Intentionally aid

Willful misrepresentation or willful concealment

Facilitate the offence, prior to or at the time of offence

Abettor u/s 108

  • Who abets the commission of an offence or an act
  • Some intention and knowledge as of abettor


  • Illegal omission of an act
  • Not necessary that act abetted should be actually committed
  • Not necessary that person abetted is capable by law
  • Instigate B to instigate C to murder D is also abetment
  • Engagement in criminal conspiracy is sufficient

If act abetted, committed, no specific provision then same punishment as of offence u/s 109

If acted abetted, different act is done, abettor is liable for that different act u/s 111

If abetted offence is punishable by Death or imprisonment of Life then;

  • Punishment if offence committed is up to 14 year
  • Punishment if offence not committed is 7 year

If abetted offence punishable with imprisonment then punishment 1/4th of longest punishment u/s 116

Concealment of design of offence and such offence is punishable with Death or IOL then; – 118 PPC

  • If such offence committed punished with up to 7 year
  • If not committed punished with up to 3 year

Concealment of design of offence if punishable with imprisonment then; 120 PPC

  • If committed 1/4th of longest punishment
  • If not committed 1/8th of longest punishment


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