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July 27, 2017

The Punjab Arms Ordinance 1965 with Latest Amendment of 2015

The Punjab Arms Ordinance 1965 with latest amendment of 2015

The Punjab Arms Ordinance 1965 was previously known as The Pakistan Arms Ordinance. Its name was amended with the Punjab Arms Amendment Act 2014. In 2015, Punjab Arms Amendment Ordinance 2015 (III of 2015) was passed which made some drastic changes in this legislation. Previously the offence of carrying unlicensed arm was punished with “imprisonment for a term which may extend to 7 years or with fine or with both” but after this latest amendment now the punishment for carrying unlicensed arms under section 13(a) is “Imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than two years and which may extend to 7 years and with fine”.

The practice in the courts regarding offences under 13/20/65 is to punish the offender with minor fine but after this latest amendment now court is bound by law to give imprisonment of minimum of 2 years along with fine. This amendment of 2015 is made due to deteriorating law and order situation in country along with rising threat of terrorism.

Punjab Arm Ordinance Amendment 2015 PDF Download

In the link given below you can download the PDF copy of Punjab Arms Ordinance 2015, up to date and which also includes the latest amendment of 2015.

The Punjab Arms Ordinance 1965 Free PDF Download




  2. Waqas ahmad virk says:

    It is first time during my age when i feel that government of pak is really sincer with its homeland and this is the geniune step that not only will retared the crime ratio but also wil enhance the sentiments of fredom of pak masses. May govt. make the law more stricket and rigid. AMEEEEN

    • Shuja Bhatti says:

      What about people like me who love to collect weapons,i dont even have a single weapon due to rules of government,what is my fault.i am searching a way for collecting weapons for a whole year,and still i dont have anything

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