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July 23, 2017

The Ehtram-e-Ramazan Ordinance 1981

The Ehtram-e-Ramazan Ordinance 1981

This Ordinance was passed on 25th June 1981 in Zia’s Era. General Zia ul Haq passed this Ordinance while keeping in view his Islamization policy. Purpose of this act is to provide for measures and observe the sanctity of the month of Ramazan. This Ordinance prohibits an individual to eat or drink in public place during fasting hours. It also prohibits the hotel managers to serve during fasting hours.

Some people also criticize this act because it curtailed the fundamental freedom of other persons especially of non-Muslims.

The Ehtram-e-Ramazan Ordinance 1981 PDF Download

Click below to download the PDF copy of this Ordinance

The Ehtram e Ramazan Ordinance 1981

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