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June 28, 2017

Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry, Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court

Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry was born on 12 December 1948 in Quetta. He joined legal profession as an advocate in 1974 and enrolled as advocate High Court in year 1976. He became the advocate of Supreme Court of Pakistan in 1985. He was expert in the fields of civil, criminal, constitutional and revenue laws. In year 1989 he was appointed as Advocate General Balochistan and additional judge High Court of Balochista in year 1990. In 1993 he became permanent judge in Balochistan High Court and became Chief Justice of Balochistan High Court in 1999. In 2000 he was appointed as judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan and finally on 30th June 2005 he became the Chief Justice of Supreme Court.

Other activities of Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry include;

•Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry Was elected as President High Court Bar Association, Quetta;

•Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry Was elected twice as Member Bar Council;

• Besides functioning as Judge High Court of Balochistan, Quetta discharged duties as Banking Judge Special Court for Speedy Trials, Judge Customs Appellate Court as well as Company Judge.

• Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry Was appointed as Chairman Balochistan Local Council Election Authority in    the year 1992 and thereafter for second term in the year 1998;

•Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry Was appointed as Chairman Provincial Review Board for the Province of Balochistan on the recommendations of Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan;

• Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry Was appointed twice as Chairman of Pakistan Red Crescent Society Balochistan by Government of Balochistan;

• Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry Was nominated by Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan as Chairman, Enrolment Committee of Pakistan Bar Council;

• Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry Was appointed as Judge In charge Supreme Court Staff Welfare Committee by the Hon’ble Chief Justice.

Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry received Medal of Freedom from Harvard Law School. In 2007 National Law Journal of United States honoured him as lawyer of the year for 2007. on 17 November 2008 he was given honorary membership in New York City Bar.

Iftikhar Muhammad Chaurdy is the most celebrated Judge in history of Pakistan due to his struggle against Dictator General Musharraf. He will be retired in 2013.