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July 22, 2017

Sunnah, Hadis, Hadith Source of Islamic Law

The Sunnah (the Hadis, the precept, action and sayings of the Holy Prophet) is the second source of Islamic law. The Sunnah may be of three types, namely:
1- Sunnat-ul-Qual means all words, counsels or precepts of the Prophet.
2- Sunnat-ul-fieel means his actions, works and daily practices.
3- Sunnat-ul-taqrir means his silence implying a tacit approbation on this par of any individual act committed by his disciples.
All the Hadis collectiv3erly can further be classifies into three categories from the point of view of their inter se priority. The order of their priority is as follows:
1- Ahadis-i-Mutwater means those traditions which have received universal publicity and acceptance in each one the three periods namely the period of companions who were more righteous and had often shared the counsel of the Holy Prophet, the period of the Successors of the Companions known as Tabeen and the period of their successors known a tab-e-tabeen.
2- Ahadis-i-Mashhura means those traditions which through known publicly by the great majority of people, do not possess the character of universal fame. They carry conviction of genuineness but are reported by a limited number of Companions and thereafter in the tow successive periods aforesaid.
3- Ahadis-i-Wahid means those traditions which depend on the isolated individuals.
In the beginning, there was controversy as to the authority of Sunnah for; some believed that if later in point of time, it repealed the text of Quran. The accepted position, however, is that it is the most authentic source of Islamic Law next to Quran. This is based on the doctrine that the Holy Prophet, as a recipient of the message of God, was guided by him in his narrative and action. These both are, thus, the words of God, one expressed in direct form and the other as the interpretations and application of the word of God by His Prophet. There are, thus, be no contradiction between the two of them and this is the test to judge the authenticity of a Hadith.

The position of Hadith as a second source of law is due to the repetition in the Holy Quran of the divine order “obey Allah and obey the prophet” in view of this Hadiths has a building character like the Quran.


  1. Dear Concern,

    My name is Imran and i am very much distrubed wrt Money issues with my Wife. I have 2 school going children MashahALLAH.

    All I am earning Rs. 30,000/month, these are the things i have bear from my earnings:

    Children School Fees
    Van Fees
    Utility Bills (electricity + Gas )
    My own expenses (petrol+food)
    Food Grocery (Meat + Vegetables + etc….)
    Private Medical (if & when required)
    Both Eid Shopping (2 times a year)
    Sometimes Car Maintenance + Home Maintaineance
    A very little support to my Old Parents
    House cleaning servants for washing and cleaning
    Misc (Childrens food for school + etc)
    These are some items given, my wife is always fighting about expenses, she says as per law I have to give her handsome amount no matter what happens, either take from anyone or ask from my parents etc etc and bear her expenses in Rs. 30,000/month.

    I dont have any other or 2nd option or 2nd job to earn more than Rs.30,000/month

    I am giving her Rs.3000/month, now she says she is not getting enough and I have to increase amount to Rs. 4000/month.

    I am sure you are aware of High Prices in Pakistan (karachi). Everythig is so expensive.

    Kindly let me know and clarify how much amout I can give her as per Pakistani Law and in Light of Islam.

    Is this amount is every month or bi month or what law says about it? since I am the only one to support whole family and i dont have any other source of income.

    I will very much thankfull and appreciate your quick response in this matter.

    Thanks and regards,


    • @Imran
      as far as the maintenance is concern your wife is entitled to the monthly allowance but it depends upon your monthly income
      there is no hard and fast rule for that or not specific amount in law or even in sharai
      the requirement is that you should provide reasonable maintenance to your wife according to your earnings
      hope you get your answer

      • But this answer would satisfy my question…
        like in Rs. 30,000/month, how much amount should i give to her…
        if i am not saving anything…
        and what about emergencies… i mentioned….
        Coz i heard that there is some calculations with regards to monthly income…
        so, kindly let me know the Law regarding Wife Pocket money.
        its like i manage by myself… and not give any money to her… i should take care on IF and WHEN required basis.
        Hope you understand my question.
        Thanks and regards.

        • mohsin khan says:

          imran dear i know about your problems that your are the only to look and take care of your whole family.if she needs more money so first you must see your costs that how much you will save in the last day of month if you save the money than give to her otherwise there is no need of any chance to give 4000 money to her.

        • Gull nawaz says:

          Mr Imran I’ve got your point what you wanted to say. well Mr Imran you need not to worry to be sued. if she do so, then you’ll need not to hire a Lawyer. you can do your advocacy yourself. and i assure you, you’ll win the case and the judge will give the verdict in your favor if if ( point to be noted) you tell the judge by yourself, not through any lawyer even if he is your best friend, the above list of the expenses and your salary as well in detail. it’ll be a Civil case but the judge will give the verdict with few days in your favor and warn her as well to be in limit and not to exceed ok (cos im the student of law)

  2. MRS Babur says:

    please i want to know about pocket money in islam for her wife with reference.when i want money to my husband as a pocket money for myself is it wrong?Answer me with reference of hadees or Quran pak

    • @Mrs Babur….. Yes in Islam wife is entitled to pocket money and husband is duty bound to provide her food, shelter and reasonable pocket money but it should be withing his means

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