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June 28, 2017

Shazia Marri Wallpapers & Biography | Hot Sindhi Politician

Shazia Marri
If you talk about beautiful female politicians in Pakistan, Shazia Marri is name you cant ignore. This gorgeous lady belongs to the influential family of Sindhi politicians. Grand father of Shazia Marri was famous “Ali Muhammad Marri” who remained the member of legislative family of Sindh during British Raj. Her father “Atta Muhammad Marri” and mother “Parveen Marri” both are influential politicians of Sindh.
Shazia Marri was first elected as member of Sindh Assembly in 2002 and then again in 2008. After death of Fauzia Wahab she was appointed as MNA on Fauzia Wahab Seat. Overall she is one of the beautiful female politicians of the country.
Shazia Marri Wallpapers
Followings are some high quality wallpapers of Shazi Marri.


  1. I am sorry I find her ugly and repulsive. She may be beautiful for zardari not me. Iam not looking for beauty in politicians I am looking for beauty of character and purity of soul. Very rare commodity indeed here

  2. i hot you

  3. We must respect her,
    I beling to Jamaat e Islami, but have repect for he commitment i public service.
    It is so shame full to make darrogatry remarks for her.
    Our religon and culture do not permit to do so.

  4. Belong
    Not beling it is spell mistake

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