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June 24, 2017

Sahiwal Travel Guide & Tourist Attractions in District Sahiwal

Sahiwal District
Sahiwal district has a population of nearly two millions of which 20 percent is urban. The city of Sahiwal is the capital of the district. Sahiwal District embraces on eof the ancient civilizations on archaeological evidence; Harappa dated back to 3000 to 5000 B.C. which was the northern city of Indus Valley civilization, lies 15 miles south west of Sahiwal city.
History of Sahiwal
The city and district was known as Montgomery as the city of Sahiwal was founded in 1865 by Sir Robert Montgomery, then Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab. It took its current name in 1966. prior to this, Sahiwal was known by its native name Shaiwal, derived from the Sahi tribe which lived in the area.

sahiwal city


Location of Sahiwal
Sahiwal is located almost in the middle of Lahore and Multan, almost two hours from the either cities, if you travel on GT Road. The district is known for its lush green fields, orchards and milk cows. It is a land of love and peace.
Climate of Sahiwal
The climate of Sahiwal district is hot in summers reaching 50 degrees Celsius and cold in winter, down to zero. The soil of the district is very fertile. The average rainfall is about 2000 mm.
Tourists attractions in Sahiwal

Followings are major tourists attraction or tourism spots in District Sahiwal;

Archeological Museum Harappa
The museum was established in 1926 and then it was reconstructed 1966. the museum exhibits items from the cemetery and other parts of the site, including etched carnelian beads, shell objects, stone tools, domestic implements, pottery, toys, earthenware, seals with the mysterious Mohenjo-daran script, animal and human figurines and stone weights, as well as articles form other Indus Valley sites. There is a female skeleton with all its ornaments, and potteries around it which depicted the burial custom of Harappans. It also houses a male skeleton excavated from Cemetery.

Archeological Museum Harappa picture

Archeological Museum Harappa

Harappa is an archaeological site which is dated back to 3000 to 5000 BC. The site contains the ruins of a Bronze Age fortified city, which was part of the Indus Vallery Civilization, centered in Sindh and the Punjab. The city is believed to have had as many as 25000 residents considered large for its time.
The Indus Valley civilization also known as Harappan culture has its earliest roots in cultures such as that of Mehrgarh, approximately 6000 BC. The two greatest cities, Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, emerged circa 2600 BC along the Indus River valley in Punjab and Sindh. The civilization, with a writing system, urban centers, and diversified social and economic system, was rediscovered in the 1920ss after excavations at Mohenjo-daro (which means mound of the dead) in Sindh near Sukkur, and Harappa in west Punjab south of Lahore.
Although, the archaeological site at Harappa was partially damaged in 1857 when engineers constructing the Lahore-Multan railroad used brick from the Harappa ruins for track ballast, an abundance of artifacts has nevertheless been found.



Suri Mosque in Sahiwal
A ruined mosque of Suri period (1540-1545) is at Dhawa Sharma; some 30 kilometers from Chichawatni, a tehsil of Sahiwal. It is said to be built when the great warrior passed this area while leading this forces to take reign of the Mughal Empires. He rebelled and took control of the Mughal Empire in 11540 and founded the Suri Empire with Delhi as its capital. He accidentally died in 1545 caused by a gunpowder explosion.

Suri mosque

Suri Mosque in Sahiwal

Barklay’s Grave
This is said to be Barklay’s grave who was Extra Assistant Commissioner of then newly established District Montgomery after the freedom movement of 1857.

District Headquarter Building
This building used to be District headquarter in the British Rule after 1857. The District Courts were also residing in the same building. After partition in 1947, the building was convened to boys High School.


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