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June 25, 2017

Rohtas Fort Jhelum Pakistan | Recent Tour & Latest Pictures

Rohtas Fort

In 16th century Sher Shah Suri snatched the power from Mughel Emperor in sub-continent. He faced massive resistance and rebellion especillay in Potohar reagion. Local tribes which includes Awans, Janjua Rajputs, Dhund Abbasi, Kayanis and Khokhars raise arms against Suri and as a result he built “Rohtas Fort” in order to crush the rebellion and subdue the rebellions tribes of Northern Punjab.

The garrison form was built in 8 years but after Suri it was recaptured by the local tribes and became the capital of Gakhars.

Rohtas Fort as Tourist Attraction

This ancient fort is among the major tourist attractions of the region. Although it is not in its original form and in bad shape due to lack of governance yet it is a good place to visit. From the top of its walls and towers you can see thing which are many kilometers away. The lush green surroundings also make it a beautiful place.

How to Reach Rohtas Fort

It is in District Jhelum and you have to take a single road from GT road. The condition of this single road is really bad but it is only 6 km long and not take too much time to reach the fort from GT road.

Rohtas Fort Haunted?

There are rumors and myths that Rohtas Fort is haunted place. I personally talked with the local people who lives in the vicinity of Fort but fail to find any evidence which proves that Rohtas Fort is haunted. In fact there are many residential houses inside the walls of Fort and they live there in peace so in my view Rohtas Fort is not haunted.

Rohtas Fort Pictures

During my recent visit to Rohtas I have captured some beautiful pictures of this major tourist attraction.

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