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July 27, 2017

Punjab Civil Courts Ordinance 1962 as Amended in 2016

Punjab Civil Courts Ordinance 1962

The West Pakistan Civil Courts Ordinance 1962 is amended in year 2016. With this latest amendment its name is changed to “The Punjab Civil Courts Ordinance 1962” along with other changes in its draft. Under this law civil courts are divided into three classes i.e. Court of District Judge, Court of Additional District Judge and Court of Civil Judge.  According to section 7 of the Punjab Civil Courts Ordinance 1962 Court of District Judge shall have the original jurisdiction in all civil suits without limit as regard the value.

What is amended in Civil Courts Ordinance 1962

The most prominent change is made in section 18 of the act regarding appeals. Now the appeal from the decree or order of Civil Judge shall lie to the High Court if the value of the original suit in which the decree or order was made exceeds 50 million rupees. Another important change is the word West Pakistan is substituted with word Punjab in this Ordinance.

Punjab Civil Court Ordinance 1962 with amendment of 2016

Here in the following link you can download the latest copy of the ordinance with amendment in PDF format.

 Punjab Civil Courts Ordinance 1962

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