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July 27, 2017

Partition of Bengal 1905 – Important MCQS of Pakistan Study

Partition of Bengal 1905

Followings are some important points to remember about partition of Bengal which are often repeated in different exams in shape of MCQS.

  • Lord Curzon became the viceroy of India in 1899.
  • Lord Curzon announced the partition of Bengal on 16 October 1905.
  • At the time of partition, total area of Bengal was 189000 sq. km.
  • Total population of New province of East Bengal was 31 million.
  • Out of total 31 million population, there were 18 million Muslims and 12 million Hindus.
  • John Brodrick sanctioned the scheme of partition of Bengal who was secretary of state.
  • Mr. Filler was the first Governor of East Bengal.
  • Dhaka was the capital of East Bengal.
  • At the time of partition of Bengal, Nawab Salimullah Khan was the leader of Muslims of Bengal.
  • Hindus observed the 16 October as the day of mourning.
  • Calcuta became the center point of agitation against the partition of Bengal.
  • Under leadership of Ghokhlay, Hindu delegation went to London to protest against partition of Bengal.
  • Swadeshi Movement was started by Hindus against the partition of Bengal.
  • Partition of Bengal was annulled in 1911.
  • Nawab Saleem Ullah left the politics after annulment of partition of Bengal.
  • George V made the announcement of annulment of partition of Bengal at his coronation Darbar in Dehli.
  • Lord Minto criticized the annulment of partition of Bengal.

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