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June 25, 2017

Pakistan Penal Code Electricity Theft Amendment 2016

Pakistan Penal Code Electricity Theft Amendments 2016

PPC or Pakistan Penal Code is law related with the punishments in Pakistan Judicial System. PPC was amended in 2016 through the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2016 to add certain offences related with electricity theft.

Power shortage or electricity failure is the biggest problem of Pakistan from last decade. One of the main reasons behind this is electricity theft which is also known as line loses. Due to electricity theft Government has to pay the loses of electricity distribution companies which ultimately contributes to the power shortage.

Electricity Act 1910 deals with the power theft and other offences related with electricity. Government of Pakistan inserted new penal sections in Pakistan Penal Code in order to prevent the electricity theft. These new penal sections provide severe punishments for those who commit offences related with electricity.

In 2016, a new chapter is inserted in PPC which describes the offences of electricity theft. Here you can download the free PDF copy of Electricity theft law of PPC.

Pakistan Penal Code Electricity Theft 2016

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