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July 23, 2017

Pakistan Origin Card for Foreigners of Pakistani Origin

Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

Pakistan Origin Card is issued to facilitate the eligible foreigners. This card is for those foreigners who have some roots in Pakistan i.e. of Pakistani Origin. For that purpose candidate has to supply some proof of his origin which can be his old CNIC or CNIC of his any living relative etc. NADRA is empowered to issue the POC to those foreigners who have some roots in Pakistan and it provides following facilities;

  • Visa-Free Entry into Pakistan
  • Indefinite stay in Pakistan
  • Exemption from foreigner registration requirements
  • Permission to purchase and sell property
  • Right to open and operate bank account in Pakistan

Procedure to obtain the POC

First of all you need to get the POC form which you can download by clicking on the link given below.

You need to fill the form and submit it with all required documents at any of NADRA’s registration centers inland/abroad or at Pakistan Embassies abroad. Officials at centers will see the original documents and attach the attested copies with form along with Bank Receipt/draft for POC. After checking they will send your documents to NADRA HQ and you will receive your card aft processing and printing.

Documents required for POC

  • Complete POC form
  • 2 latest photographs
  • Bank Draft for fee payment on account of POC
  • Affidavit of ex-Pakistani having CNIC
  • Copy of foreign passport
  • Marriage Certificate of married applicants attested by Pakistani Mission or Foreign Office
  • At least one proof of Pakistani Origin (Copy of own CNIC or living relative’s CNIC)
  • Renunciation Certificate/ Undertaking if applicable
  • English translated copy endorsed by Concerned Embassy/Consulate/Foreign Office will be required if required document is not in Urdu/English.

From Where to Collect the POC Card

  • If you are out of Pakistan, you can collect from Pakistan Mission.
  • If you are in Pakistan, you can collect your card from NADRA Central Distribution Point (CDC)
  • You can also select the home delivery option.

POC Form Download

Click on link below to download the POC form in PDF format.

POC Form


Fresh / Renewal(with no change) Modification Duplicate Cancellation of NICOP/NIC/CNIC Fresh Modification/ Duplicate/Renewal
Above 18 Years Below 18 Years Above 18 Years Below 18 Years
(US$) (US$) (US$) (US$) (US$) (US$) (US$)
Europe/Far East/USA& Australia 45 50 Cancellation not be processed in Normal 100 50 150 80
Middle East 25 30 100 50 150 80
Europe/Far East/USA& Australia 50 60 120 150 80 200 150 200
Middle East 30 50 120 150 80 200 150 200
Europe/Far East/USA& Australia 60 100 150 200 100 300 200 300
Middle East 35 60 150 200 100 300 200 300

Age Change Fee.

(Age change fee is addition to modification fee)

Category / Type Fee in US$
Up to 1 Year 15
More than 1 year and up to 2 years 25
More than 2 years and up to 3 years 40
More than 3 years 65
Second Time Age Change 125

Note: a) Aforementioned fee is excluding home delivery charges (optional) @ US$ 10/- per applicant).


  1. Dear sir
    My BAHU is Indonesian and my son is Pakiatani National they both are working in Dubai
    recently they make marriage in Pakistan karachi and beck to Dubai for work Now she want to
    maki CNIC or COP.
    pl guide me
    thanks and regards

  2. Hanif Mohammad says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have POC and is in Pakistan now.If I am sick ,can I do treatment in government hospitals as it becomes right of a person to go hospital when is sick?

    Pls reply to me personal gmail account.

  3. I read on Nadra website, Pakistani Government to issuing or renewing POC card for Pakistani national spouse who doesn’t have any roots with Pakistan but if she already have POC card and not expire yet can she still travel to Pakistan till the poc card expire?

    Thank you

  4. Muhmmad ikram khan says:

    Hello Sir.
    My chidren get the norway nationalty. and i apply the POC of my chidren online.before 2 mnth i apply the POC the application is successful submit online.how much time take to give the POC card.or how can i contact and info about my children application

  5. manzar rajpoot says:

    if i have a friend who hold’s american passport and is not able to apply for poc in america …can i apply for him from here ? if i attach all the documents and pay the fee here ? please let me know as soon as possible

  6. I have a one question my soon POC is expired the last month and we have change his name,

    We are living in Germany and my soon is born in Germany and we have all German citizen

    How much fees to Modify or Renew ? euro and which documents required to the processes

    i have already write 3 times no respons

    • @Qaseem
      go to the official website for fee schedule and any other details
      links are given in this post or you can search them on google

  7. I heard that gov blocked it all poc cards is it true can’t I use my poc card when I go to Pakistan please tell me waiting for your feed back thank u

  8. Muhmmad Ahmad says:

    Salaam how r u. I will like to know I have POC and I want to surrender POC..
    I want NICOP can u please help me..

    • @Muhammad Ahmad
      Visit the official website for this purpose where you can also find contact no. of officials
      link is given in the post

  9. Respected sir.
    I’m pakistani national,my husband & my 2 yrs daughter are indian national.
    I went to nadra office here in jeddah ksa after waiting for hours & visiting one office after another i was asked to meet the manager at nadra office.when i went there mr.manager replied that there is no manual procedure for this & i have to apply it online.where as when i m trying online the error comes that mobile without pak id not compitable.The device will be launched soon.
    I would humbly request to give me some solution of this problem.do i have to go through all the waiting procedure again & end up wasting my day?or will there be any online or manual solution soon enough?

  10. Naeem Ashraf says:

    Name: Naeem Ashraf
    Address: Vestrikroken 40
    Postal code: 4085 HUNDVAAG
    Country: Norway
    My email: naeem4786@outlook.com

    Date of birth: 27-08-1981

    I have from previous POC from 24/01/2003 – 24/01/2010 and POC number 578586-613636-1 and want to know if I can renew my old POC. I have a Norwegian passport.

    If possible renewal, how much will it cost and how long will it take in mail delivery to Norway?

    My family is 5 people (2 adults and 3 children) but I will renew as I do

    My 3 children and my wife have Norwegian passports and what kind of overseas POC should they have and how much does it cost?

    Do you have family registration in a similar order of POC?

    I and my family are going to travel next month from 14-7-2017 and wish to receive feedback as soon as possible.

    Should I apply this online and from which webpage?
    Can you also send their email address?

  11. Gill Biland says:

    Can I get a POC now. I am British married to a Pakistan national and living in Pakistan 40+ years.

    • @Gill Biland
      Kindly visit the link given in the post to contact with officials of NADRA in this regard

  12. Asalam-o-Alaikum!

    I am a student of pre-engineering & expecting to get admission in lahore this year , actually I got spanish nationality 2 months before on my fathers behalf . According to Pakistani rule i have to surrender pakistani nationality when i am 21 years old , now i am 18 years old . Still i have pakistani nationality …. Also nadra made me POC ( pakistan origin card ) …. do u know what should i get either POC or NICOP ?? Also I want to know am i applicable for govt. seats ??

    • @Raima
      in this regard you need to contact with officials of Nadra
      the web link of official website of Nadra is given in the post
      All procedure to apply for the POC or NICOP is also given in the link shared in the post

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