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June 24, 2017

Pakistan Affairs Objectives | Important Solved MCQs Set 3

It is very difficult and time taking process to study and cram general knowledge material of different subjects. Moreover it is also difficult to find appropriate and important questions and mcq’s of general knowledge about Pakistan Affairs. Candidates and students of various disciplines buy many books which are available in market but of no avail. They never get the time to choose the important among them. However for the ease of candidates and in order to save their time we are going to start a new series of general knowledge important MCQS about Pak study.
We are putting our efforts to give the best to the students and to help them in every field. In addition, all important objectives of Pakistan history will be given in series form and these objectives will be helpful in all competitive exams, be they federal or provincial. Interestingly students of any level can take advantage from our series of Pak. Affairs objective. We have tried our best to compose the important objectives of Pakistan Affairs in a comprehensive way so that the students can get maximum advantage from this.
Pakistan Study Important MCQS Set 3

  • • Warren Hastings was the first Governor General of Bengal.
  • • Hindi-Urdu controversy started in 1867.
  • • Mohsin-ul-Mulk founded Urdu Defence Association.
  • • Syed Ahmed Khan born on 17th Oct: 1817 in Delhi & died March 241898 at Ali Gargh.
  • • Sir Syed is buried in Ali Garh Muslim University.
  • • Tahzibul Ikhelaque was published in 1870. (1867 chk)
  • • Asrar-us-Sanadeed was compiled by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.
  • • Sir Syed wrote Loyal Mohammandan’s of India & Causes of Indian Revolt.
  • • Hayate-e-Javed is written by Maulana Hali about Sir Syed.
  • • In Indai English education was first initiated in Bengal in 1835.
  • • Shah Waliullah was born in Delhi.
  • • Madressah Rahimiya was established by Shah Abdul Rahim.
  • • Scientific society was established in 1863.
  • • Albert Bill was presented in 1883
  • • NWFP was separated from Punjab by the British in 1901, Lord Curzon was then the viceroy and GG of British India.
  • • Mohammadan Educational Conference was formed on 27 Dec: 1886 by Sir Syed.
  • • Muhammadan Literacy Society of Calcutta founded in 1860.
  • • “Indian Patriotic Association” was founded in 1861.
  • • Nidwatul Ulema (1884) was founded by Molvi Abdul Ghafoor Qasim Nativi. Nadvat-ul-Ulema was founded in 1894 and Maulvi Abdul Ghafoor was its founder.(chk)
  • • Darul-ul Deoband (1867) was founded by Mohd: Qasim Nanavatavi.
  • • MAO College founded on Jan: 8, 1877 and inaugurated by Governor General Lord Lyton.
  • • Present Sindhi alphabets made by Sir Barter Frere in 1883.
  • • Anjuman-e-himayat-Islam was founded in 1884.
  • • Sindh Madrasa built by Hassan Ali Afandi on 1st Sep: 1885.
  • • DJ (Diwan Dayaram Jethmal) Science College was opened by Governor of Bombay Lord Reay on 17th Jan: 1887.
  • • Islamia High School Peshawar was founded in 1890.
  • • Muslim Aligargh University was established in 1920.
  • • Treaty of Amritsar took place in 1876.
  • • Kashmir was sold to Gulab Singh in 1845.
  • • NWFP was given status of province in 1901.
  • • Shakespeare (not William Shakespeare) was the governor of Banarus.
  • • Mohammadan Political Association was formed in 1903.
  • • Partition of Bengal announced on 1st Sept: 1905 & implemented on 16 Oct: 1905 by Lord Curzon.
  • • Partition of Bengal annulled: 10th Dec: 1911 by Lord Hardinge.
  • • Swadeshi movement was started against Partition of Bengal.
  • • Bengal divided in East Bengal (Muslim Bengal) & West Bengal (Hindu Bengal) in July 1905 by Lord Curzon. Capital of Muslim Bengal was Dacca and that of Hindu Bengal was Calcutta.
  • • The partition of Bengal was annulled on 12th Dec: 1911 by King George-V and Queen Marry.
  • • The president of Simla Deputation (1st Oct: 1906) was Agha Khan III and secretary was Mohsanul Mulk.
  • • Muslim League founded on 30 Dec: 1906 at Decca.


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